Indietail – Milky Way Prince: The Vampire Star

In today's review, we're talking about Milky Way Prince - The Vampire Star, a partially autobiographical dark-romance visual novel about Sune and Nuki, two young men whose passionate love affair collided with their inner demons. It's a game about intimacy, idealization and abusive relationships. Hence, there's a trigger warning. Developer: Eyeguys, Lorenzo Redaelli Publisher: Santa... Continue Reading →

Blaugust Prompt #8.5 – Characters that tell something about me

Just yesterday, we talked about mascots and our favourite protagonists. The latter was the prompt that Bel gave to Tessa, though she then modified it. Her slightly modified prompt was "Share characters that tell us something about you!" But I don't think that this prompt is too different from my previous choices. At first, I... Continue Reading →

TSS#70 – Blaugust Prompt #4 – Underrated Content?

Today, we've got another more "difficult" prompt: “What type of content do you feel is severely underrated?” This time around the prompt's not difficult due to me struggling with words but rather because of the ambiguity of it. Roger pointed in his post out that it could be referencing writing and blogging... but also could be about video... Continue Reading →

TSS#68 – Blaugust Prompt #2 – Unpopular Opinions

"What is some popular piece of content/media that seems to be universally loved that you have never been able to understand?" - That's today's prompt, "hosted" by @Dragonray over at AzerothianLife. In their post, Dragon actually talked about Game of Thrones and I completely agree with her views. I personally only have watched the first... Continue Reading →

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