Summer Game Fest 2021!

Today I watched a game show for the first time and it was actually the Summer Game Festival so here are games that I found interesting or “eh” or “AWESOME” and all that sorta stuff. Enjoy! :)

Indie Games in 2021 to wishlist right now

2020 had plenty of great releases. For starters, we had plenty of games that left Early Access and were well received when their 1.0 arrived this year, like Hades and Risk of Rain 2. There were also completely new releases this year that I really liked, like Milky Way Prince or Lightmatter, and a lot of other titles. 2020… Continue Reading →

Indietail – Outer Wilds

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Outer Wilds, a masterpiece of a game that gives you lets you explore a distant solar system and unravel its mysteries in a very satisfying manner!

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