Blaugust Prompt #13 – 5 Facts

Jen from Bookofjen has a prompt for us:  Tell us five things about yourself! Thanks for the prompt, Jen! Check her blog out! The next one in line is Heather from Geeking By! Check her blog out as well! :) Alas, the five-fact-list is starting now… This one should be not too depressing! Fact 1: I’m getting better… Continue Reading →

Blaugust Prompt #12 – Dwell in the past

Blaugust Prompt 11 about my physical creative workspace is… in the works… but I want to post pictures that I can’t get right now… I’m not there after all. Hence, we’re writing about Prompt 12 instead, for now, which is hosted by SDWeasel over at USS! The next post in line is by Jen over here. Check… Continue Reading →

Blaugust Prompt #7 – My Mascot?

Today’s prompt, hosted by The Rambling Redshirt, is about our mascots… if I had one, what would it be? Well, jokes on you, I’ve got one already! I present to you… I mean… we’ve seen Magi already, haven’t we?  Ages, ago, when I just started out doing pixel-art in, I did attempt to re-pixel the… Continue Reading →

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