Summer Game Fest 2021!

Today I watched a game show for the first time and it was actually the Summer Game Festival so here are games that I found interesting or “eh” or “AWESOME” and all that sorta stuff. Enjoy! :)

Indietail – Per Aspera

“Per Aspera ad Astera” – through hardships to the stars. Or so the saying goes but is overcoming challenges really all that’s needed to terraform Mars? Read more on Per Aspera over here!

Another look at Ring of Pain!

It hasn’t been too long since we posted about our last look at Ring of Pain and there’s already been a new updated demo for it. The last version was V0.8.21 while this one (got updated today, again) is already at V0.8.36, featuring a complete stat-overhaul and some UI-improvements, item effect changes and other updates…. Continue Reading →

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