Just One Percent!

It has begun. Starting today, I’ll participate in what Krikket named #JustOnePercent and while not much has changed, I’ll most likely refer to this page a bunch of times and keep track of all the posts that qualify for this page right below this section. For anyone that doesn’t know what caused this, check out my post right here or Krikket’s post over here for more information, but essentially, I’ll try to play 100+ Indie Games this year while also writing about them! The point is really just to disprove Jeff Vogel’s point of there being too many games. Jeff Vogel, who is an Indie Dev himself, kind of went on a mad rant on Twitter about how there are too many Indie Devs out there. Since he’s clearly celebrating himself right now while also losing all the respect a lot of Indie Developers had for him, Krikket decided to take this shitty take and turn it into something good. Meanwhile, I put my own spin to it and added my own runes given that I have my own limitations.

The rules are as follows:

  • Definitions of “Indie” Games vary, so I’ll go with my gut feeling.
  • First Impressions/Reviews both count.
  • Demos, Freebies, Early Access, Backlog, Game Pass, etc. are all OK as long as they’re not “too old”.
  • Re-Releases count.
  • Rules may change as time goes on.

Given that life is unpredictable and given that I may eventually not have enough time, I’ll just try to play as many as I can. According to Jeff, even playing 10 Indie Games a month will cause people great despair but that’s not much of a challenge since I only play Indie Games anyway.

If you want me to play a game, feel free to message me on Discord (MagiWasTaken#4357) or via dan.indiecator@gmail.com. If you want me to play a specific Indie Game that I don’t own and that costs too much for me, you may purchase it for me if you really want me to, although you’d have to add me on Steam for that. While that’d be cool, you don’t have to do it obviously. It’s just an idea that I borrowed from Krikket’s post! As for review keys and the like, I don’t have any handhelds or consoles of any kind available, so I won’t be able to play Switch Games, Xbox Games, PS- Games, etc. The covered games can be found in the table below! More rows will be added as needed.

NumberName/Store PageLink to article on Indiecator
2Twelve MinutesReview
3Startup PanicReview
4Vampire SurvivorsReview
5Ghost on the ShoreFirst Impressions
6The Plague Doctor of WippraFirst Impressions
7SonorityFirst Impressions
8The FalconeerReview
10Isle of JuraReview
11I.RULEFirst Impressions
13GetsuFumaDen: Undying MoonReview
14The Wandering VillageFirst Impressions
15ABRISSFirst Impressions
16AgriLifeFirst Impressions
17Potion TycoonFirst Impressions
18The Witchmade ShopFirst Impressions
19AlchemistryFirst Impressions
20Beacon PinesFirst Impressions
21TinykinFirst Impressions
22Research StoryFirst Impressions
23BuggosFirst Impressions
24Card SharkFirst Impressions
25CoromonFirst Impressions
26Robo MaestroFirst Impressions
27Core KeeperFirst Impressions / Review
28OndeFirst Impressions / Review
29Kick BastardsFirst Impressions
30Writer’s BlockFirst Impressions
31Birding SimulatorFirst Impressions
32Wild SoulsFirst Impressions
33AdaptFirst Impressions
34Tiny WitchFirst Impressions
35Minabo – A Walk Through LifeFirst Impressions
36Hikikomori LifeFirst Impressions
37Risk of Rain 2 – Survivors of the VoidFirst Impressions
39WW2 RebuilderFirst Impressions
40ANNO: MutationemReview
41Expedition ZeroReview
43GladihatersFirst Impressions
44Himno: The Silent MelodyReview
45Beholder 3Review
48Sea HorizonReview
49Tin CanReview
51Rendezvous: Shadows of the PastFirst Impressions
52sfäreFirst Impressions
53OTXOFirst Impressions
54Floppy KnightsReview
55Dome KeeperFirst Impressions
56RoadwardenFirst Impressions
57Power ChordFirst Impressions
58Midnight Fight ExpressFirst Impressions
59Cult of the LambFirst Impressions
60NAIADFirst Impressions
61NecrosmithFirst Impressions
62Lone RuinFirst Impressions
63Potion PermitReview
64Little Noah: Scion of ParadiseReview
65Cartel TycoonReview
66Retreat to EnenReview
67Tyrant’s BlessingReview
68Boneraiser MinionsReview
69Cult of the LambReview
72No Place for BraveryReview
74Magic AxolotlReview
75One More Gate: A Wakfu LegendReview
76Backpack HeroFirst Impressions
77Cassette BeastsFirst Impressions
78DREDGEFirst Impressions
79GunbrellaFirst Impressions
80Fhtagn SimulatorFirst Impressions
81Against the StormFirst Impressions
82Manor LordsFirst Impressions
83AkaFirst Impressions
85Magic AxolotlReview
86One More Gate: A Wakfu LegendReview
87Dwarven SkykeepReview
89Zombie Cure LabReview
91Mail TimeFirst Impressions
92Beacon PinesReview
94Voltaire: The Vegan VampireFirst Impressions
95Flame KeeperFirst Impressions

Stay tuned for more reviews!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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