Music that I use on Twitch!

Here you can find information on music that I’m allowed to use on my streams – as well as the different artists’ links and stuff!

Using music in live streams without permission is a big issue on Twitch, which is why I made sure that I got permission from several groups/artists beforehand. Scroll down for information on those!

Please check out the following post where I talk about music that I commissioned from Edward Ray. He made a track for me that I use often in my streams and I’m forever grateful to him for his amazing work on that.

Make sure to check out Edward Ray’s links right here!

Riot Games:

Desmond Cheese:


City Girl:

The Midnight


In the case of Riot Games’ music, I make sure to only use music from their “Creator-Safe Playlist” in accordance with their Guidelines. For more information, click on those links.
Bonaparte and Desmond Cheese gave me explicit permission after I mailed them.
City Girl, The Midnight and Gunship permitted people to use their music on Twitter, so I also included them in his list.

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