Magi’s Values and Rules on Twitch!

Heya! I’m Magi and I’ve been streaming for about two years now. In an attempt to streamline my about-section a little bit, I figured I’d move a lot of the information to this page here. Hence, here’s essentially a page full of what “The Crypt” is all about!

Rise from the dead and join me in the Crypt! Tune into a variety of games, lots of chatting and even some art! First, we’ll take over Twitch. Then, we’ll aim for the world, in an attempt to create a safe environment free of bigotry and toxicity! Feel free to lurk or hang out – we try to go for those chill vibes as we hang out and enjoy Indie Games as well as other titles from my backlog! Give Magi a follow on Twitch to get notifications when he’s live!

As my goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment, I took the AnyKey Pledge since what it stands for aligns with our core values. Our core values on stream are:

  • No tolerance for toxicity!
  • No tolerance for bigotry!
  • Sportsmanship and fun above all.

If you want more information on that or if you want to take the pledge yourself, click this link here! Furthermore, to enforce those values, we have the following rules in place over here at the Crypt:

  • 18+/mature stream! If you’re younger than 18, don’t mention it or you’ll get banned.
  • No hate speech, toxicity, bigotry, doxing or harassment of any kind. This is an inclusive safe space and we are doing our best to welcome everyone but we don’t endorse everything.
  • No spoilers. No excessive backseating. We all love games here but when someone’s constantly telling you how to play a game, it can ruin the fun of things a lot..
  • English only! While we do welcome people from everywhere on this tiny planet, we also want that everyone feels included, which is why sticking to one language is important.
  • Be respectful! Be mindful! Be kind! A community consists of people and people need to respect boundaries set by other people. If someone tells you off, please respect that, apologise, and move on.
Image describing Magi's Winter Stream Schedule (Mondays/Thursdays 2 pm til 6 pm, Fridays 12 pm til 4 pm, times in GMT+2)

My current schedule consists of these three days but you can also check out the schedule page for more information. Feel free to check out the other links in my about section!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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