The Stray Sheep #31 – Quick little break before going full-throttle!

So heya, there hasn’t been any posts for a week now and I thought I’d give a quick little update on what’s going on and when I’ll post more again.

Basically, I’ve been having a lot going on IRL. University’s starting soon, so I’ve been preparing for that and also had to deal with other stuff like my schedule and literature club meetings as we’re publishing the fourth issue next month. It’s all getting relatively busy and I’ve also been writing more prose and short stories lately, so I kind of not had the time for reviews and stuff.

The other day I also had problems with my WiFi, leading to me not being able to edit my latest drafts. It’s all a bit of everything right now, nothing dramatic. Today I’ll be leaving for my parents’ for a few days and will return on sunday, the 6th. Hence,my next review will come out on sunday. Hope you’re excited for that!

I kind of feel bad for not being able to post all that much lately, but it’s mostly about not wanting to put out something that isn’t ready for publishing yet! Over the last few months, I managed to reach nearly 1.2k views, so I feel like I’m producing stuff that people actually read. I feel like I have a voice now! That’s super corny but I’m kind of hyped to publish more posts and improve on my writing in hope that small indie devs with great games get more players to play their game this way.
All the more so, I should try to give it my all to publish in more often, on the condition that the quality doesn’t drop.

Once uni starts, I’ll be trying to post at least once per week, maybe even twice, when possible! I don’t want my studies to suffer from the fact that I’m having this hobby here.

As for sunday’s post, I’ll be covering Cat Quest II, a great game by TheGentleBros, who’s improved a lot over their first game while still keeping their charm and adding a ton more puns! :)
I really enjoyed playing the game, so far, but sadly the review will have to wait until sunday. Sorry for that!

This post already has been all over the place, but I’m really excited to see my family again. It’s been a month already and my younger siblings are growing way faster than they used to, so I’m kind of missing out on all that ever since I moved out. I hope that I’ll be able to make up for the time I’m missing by visiting them again this (longer) weekend and then go full throttle on my studies from the next week onward.

As for future reviews, I’m thinking about covering The Swindle, Heartbeat and Guacamelee, soon! So stay tuned for those. Also I’ll be getting into streaming once I’ve got a bit more time when the issue of our uni-literature-magazine was published. I’m really looking forward to that! I already ended up ordering a few parts for my new PC and will have to order the last few ones once I’m back home from my parents’. It’s all coming together now :)

Anyways, I hope you’ll have a wonderful early weekend and that you all enjoy your day to the fullest! Sorry for the lack of content lately, but here’s a few reasons why I didn’t manage to post lately.


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