Constantly tired and drained

I don’t exactly know if it’s the weather changes so much as of late or if it’s my sleep schedule or just the whole pandemic business that is still going on… but I’ve just been feeling drained. I’m exhausted and tired and restless. My sleep schedule should be fixed and should be completely fine right now. I’m sleeping at the same times, eating at similar times, waking up after enough rest and doing my best to actually get my steps in. Still, I feel incredibly tired after waking up, before the coffee, after the coffee, during the day, in the evenings, before I go to bed, while in bed, and also when I wake up (yup, again). I have no clue what’s wrong.

Anyways, that kind of reflects itself in my gaming behaviours as well, which is something I figured would be interesting to mention. For starters, I can’t play League of Legends right now as I just feel too tired to focus properly on the game and since my positioning hence suffers from that. Similarly, I can’t really make progress in Sekiro since I need concentration for that, which I don’t really have right now. I guess, the fact that I’m also live-streaming at the same time and hence reading chat every now and then plus commenting on what’s going on and other topics and whatnot make the focus-part a bit hard for me. Similarly, I need more of a chill time really where I can grind things or where I don’t have too much going on. Assassin’s Creed 2, for instance, has been incredibly fun due to that. The combat is more fun than in the first game but still relies quite a lot on you spamming that attack button until nobody is standing anymore. I mean, you can do fancy things like grabbing people and slicing their throats… and you can do cool things like countering or disarming people… but all in all, it’s mostly spamming the attack button with some fancy things for style points here and there. In the same way, Minecraft and Stardew Valley have been a more than welcome game selection due to the relaxed vibes I’ve been getting from there… and surprisingly, Monster Hunter World is making a comeback as well… as I’ve recently started playing again and as I’m looking forward to all the new large monsters that we need to fight!

But yeah, I’m still quite tired, so most of the time, I end up doing anything but gaming really as I feel too exhausted to play games. The games I mentioned above are mostly entries that I play on stream and even then I need to prepare a lot by getting coffee, taking a shower, doing something against my headache and all in all, staying awake.

It’s not even as if I’m able to fall asleep immediately or anything. I’m just feeling really tired and drained and when I go to bed, it takes ages until I’m fast asleep.

It’s a bit of a situation but at least I get to write about things that interest me and even when venting isn’t going to accomplish anything effectively, I feel like it still helps me get a load off my mind. My head is aching, my body is always tired and my mind is just a mess. I hope it’s over soon and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you had any similar feelings as of late? Constant feeling of being tired and huge headaches and all of that, I mean? Let me know if you know what to do about that.


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  1. I myself go through this from time to time, and the events of the last year certainly haven’t helped much.

    I typically try to find something novel to bury myself in for a while to shake up my routine. I have often considered it a form of depression because I don’t feel like doing anything but sleep, though I haven’t ever taken the time to see a psychiatrist about it.

    I would also say I experience a less severe version leading up to a sinus/respiratory infection. I assumed it was my body spending extra resources on defense, but what do I know?

    You’re not alone though. Been there, played that, sucks every time.

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    1. Sucks every time, thanks for sharing your experience. The constant headaches are a bit of a pain in the arse, especially with me actually having to rely on painkillers to be at least somewhat productive.


  2. First off, I’d definitely lay off the cocaine for a while (or rather, seeing as you are tired, take even more or that stuff! mwahahaha).

    For real, though: Regular sleep cycles are a good start, but sleeping longer =/= being less tired. A “full” sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes (so from light sleep to deep sleep and back to light sleep). Ideally, you wake up while in light sleep, and do so naturally. So, the “advertised” 8 hours of sleep are subotptimal.

    Of course, this is probably different for everyone, but it has proven true for me. It might take a bit time to “train” your inner clock, but it will be worth it in the end. From personal experience: Whenever I say I want to wake up the next day, I will wake up within 10 minutes of that time and feel well rested. If I go back to sleep for a few minutes again, I feel tired afterwards.

    Also, you might want to lay off the coffee for a while. Like any drug (and let’s be honest here, caffeine is somewhat of a drug), it loses a lot of its effects over time. And if you’re about to say “But I can’t start my day without my coffee”, then you DEFINITELY should do without it for a while.

    For tiredness during the day: Go for a short walk (5-10 minutes suffice), let cool water (not ice-cold) run over your wrists, or just let out a quick shout (sounds dumb, but it helps). Have you checked your blood pressure and sugar levels? Those can affect your tiredness pretty harshly.

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    1. Oh, I don’t actually drink that much coffee. Had one the other day and that was it, actually. I know the whole theory about the cycles and everything, and I don’t actually think that that’s the issue. May be just me burning out from life right now.

      Thanks for the other advice though. I’ll see if any of that helps.


      1. The “burning out from life” part may also be related to (or cause) drops in blood pressure and -sugar. If it persists, you should probably see a doctor about it. That’s kind of what those people are there for :-)


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