Attagged by Thomas! – Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s been a while since I last did one of these posts, so I guess it’s great timing for Meghan to tag us once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The problem with that, however, is that I actually thought that Meghan did a-tag us before for the Sunshine Blogger Award but it was actually the Mystery Blogger Award… since Thomas nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award… which I nominated him for as well… It’s a whole thing that is going on. Thomas and Frosti have a total war going on between them, tagging each other on and on and since I retired from this war to fight my nemeses… exams… because those are still a thing in the outside world… uh… I essentially didn’t get to reply to Thomas’ post just yet despite him having posted this one (Part 4!) in September already… So, we’re going to answer those questions and then make nominations… and then I’ll get to Meghan’s post tomorrow and make more nominations… quite potentially the same… the worst part will be to create new questions… Oh well.

So, just to clarify: This is super confusing but uh… Thomas’ post today… Meghan’s post tomorrow. 

Uh, the rules are simple:

  • Thank the person that tagged you (thanks, Thomas).
  • Answer questions (eleven or so?)
  • Ask questions (why eleven btw?)
  • Nominate people (will do that later… I think!)

As a note to Thomas/Quietschisto… I’m not sure, Thomas, if you’ve actually done my post yet since you’ve mentioned it in your post. Can you link it in the comments of this post if you have written that post up? Just so I know. 

Question 1: If you were a character in a fighting game, what would be your signature move? 

My signature move would probably be banned from all tournaments. After executing the signature-Hadouken-level-combo after filling up all the bars and doing all of that stuff (no idea how that works again), I kick the enemy’s head and time freezes for a solid thirty seconds. In those thirty seconds, the enemy and I stand still while we see a flashback of me and the enemy as kids holding hands together and walking down the street while laughing on a sunny day. Then my character utters an inner monologue about how the world got corrupted and how everything was better in the past. My character then says that the world needs to be destroyed for it to be fixed again… Then my character says “This is it” in a deep voice and the game shuts itself off and corrupts your save file. 

Question 2: If Samus Aran and Megaman switched places, who would fare better? 

I think Samus would since Samus… but then again, I have no idea about either of those characters… I just think that Samus is cooler, I guess.

Question 3: If you could replace a limb/body part with a mechanical but superior version of it, would you do it? 

Yes. I would switch out my legs for sure… then I’d be able to walk everywhere without my knees hurting or my feet aching. That’d be cool.

Question 4: You get the chance to be a vital part of a mission exploring a new possibly inhabited planet. However, it takes 400 years to reach that destination and you’ll be put into cryosleep during space travel so that only one or two years pass for you and your body. Do you take part?

Yes. While I do think that someone more qualified should take part in it instead of me…, I’d love to do that myself, so fuck it, let’s go. Where do I sign up?

Question 5: Describe the perfect crime. Wrong answers only.

Okay, so hear me out… you basically commit a crime… and then… you turn yourself in so that nobody can catch you.

Question 6: How would a healing potion work in real life? […]

Depends on the potion. lol. I’d say that you pour it over the wound and it magically heals it. You pour it over cancer, however, and it magically kills you faster than before because the cancer cells end up regenerating a lot and multiply like crazy.

It’s a mage.

Question 7: What if we all had Mana but simply no spellcasting abilities? What would we use it for?

Isn’t energy basically mana? We need it to work. We need it to think. We need it to walk. That’s basically what mana is, right?

Question 8: You’re playing a horror game with gore and a kid walks in and asks what’s going on. How do you explain it to them without frightening them?

I haven’t eaten my veggies and because of that I’m being chased and eaten by these monsters. I’m trying to escape but these weird other people here have also not eaten their veggies, so I kill them to stop the monster. Btw, have you eaten your veggies yet? No? I might have to use you as bait then to distract the monster. Come, let’s go eat the veggies together.

Question 9: Pick a game and give me a list of “ingredients” as if it was food. Don’t tell me what the game is, though… I wanna guess.

Mix Tower Defense with Resource Management, Roguelike mechanics, some depth, a levelling system, lots of challenges, and a brilliant soundtrack. Then have fun alone or with friends.

Question 10: If you made a spaceship out of vegetables, which vegetables would you choose? 

I can’t fly spaceships and I don’t know how to build spaceships, which is why I’m not qualified to answer this question.

Question 11: Tutorials suck but there are great ones, so give me some examples.

The tutorial in Yakuza 0 is quite nice.

So, for this tag, I’m going to nominate

Meghan – because she’s a gem!

Frosti – because I wanna join in on the war!

Naithin – because I can always rely on him for advice!

Pete – because I like reading his posts over there!

Meg – because she’s also really cool!

Thanks again, Thomas, for the tag.

Here are the eleven questions for these guys. Don’t feel bad if you don’t wanna answer them. 

Question 1: Think of a question and don’t mention it anywhere. Insert the answer to that question as an answer to any of the following questions that you don’t want to answer. Reply with yes or no to this one.

Question 2: What’s your guilty pleasure game?

Question 3: What’s a word you really like but never use?

Question 4: You have to unban one game from Twitch (see list of banned games here), which one do you choose and why?

Question 5: When you don’t feel like posting, what do you do to get some motivation to do it anyway?

Question 6: What is the quality you have that your friends appreciate the most about you?

Question 7: You’re married to a mermaid/a merman. Would you like it more if the bottom half or the top half was human-looking?

Question 8: What’s a game that you really hate that is super overrated in your opinion?

Question 9: Would you rather be drunk forever or always hungover? And why?

Question 10: What is gatekeeping? Wrong answers only.

Question 11: Valheim is super popular right now. Explain why and fill the answer with as many puns as possible!

I hope you enjoyed this post and these questions. If you haven’t been nominated, feel free to answer the questions anyways in a post of your own and tag whoever you want to and link back to me so that I can read your post as well. I’m intrigued!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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  1. Wait, did I forget to do your post? Let me check real quick…*elevator music please while a friendly female automated voice keeps repeating ‘Your call is important to us. Due to an increased demand in our services it may come to prolonged waiting times. The next free line is reserved for you.’ *

    Ah, crap! I did forget it. Well, I swore I’d get to it, but I didn’t specify a date, so technically, I’m not late! But for real, I’ll get around to do it. Soon(TM)…(Although I might or might not have finished Frosti’s questions already, so they’ll get answered even sooner)

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