Happy Birthday!

Twenty-two years ago, a little human entered this realm and started to live. That’s obviously just me pretending to be human. I’m actually way older than the concept of time itself and this may not be very lich-like, but I never really liked my birthdays… Also, yeah, it’s my birthday! Woohoo! 22! I wanted to talk a bit about stuff today and ramble on about why I never liked it and why this is starting to change at least a little bit. For starters, it’s just another day and I feel like it’s a bit weird to make it about me. Last night, I actually streamed and gave away games instead of receiving stuff, because I figured that that’s a good thing about birthdays: I get to plan fancy events on Twitch and stuff. I don’t really think that you turn a year older all of a sudden and generally speaking, I just end up rounding up or down anyhow. Ever since I could remember my parents would always be super stressed about my birthday and they’d try to get the cake sorted out and I needed to look pretty and we needed to take perfect pictures and I just didn’t like how people put so much effort into… well,… me. I’ve always thought like that…

Eventually, I started to loosen up a little bit. Last year (actually in Summer and not in March), I celebrated my birthday (a bit belated) with two friends and my better half by listening to some music, eating some curry and just hanging out. It was fun and relaxed… It was also covid-safe due to distance and all of that. This time around, I’ll have another tiny gathering with my inner-most circle on Saturday as well as some Chili Sin Carne. I haven’t cooked that yet, so I’m excited about it! My 18th and my 19th birthday have been great. I believe I was at home for my 20th… Over time, it got better, but I still kind of dread the day because of all the distant relatives calling me all of a sudden to congratulate me on turning a day older… and then there’s the issue with friends not knowing what to do about presents and stuff, so I’ll have to think about something… Since I’m really into trying new recipes, I’ve opted for either aprons, Christmas sweaters, or cookbooks as recommendations. I like my current Apron but I feel like having another one would be cool, just in case… and you can never have enough Christmas sweaters! I have none so far, so,… hey that’s a great gift! Cookbooks? Always fun and useful! I ended up finding a lot of nice recipes through some cookbooks I got last year…

And this year, I actually got FL Fowler’s “Fifty Shades of Chicken” as a present, and so far it’s glorious. It’s a nice read. It has plenty of puns… and… some recipes in it are more than intriguing! I never tried sage, brandy and vanilla extract in the chicken before… but it sounds great…

And as of recently, I’ve gotten better from depressed phases and my sleep issues and all of that. I’m on my way to quitting my smoking habit… and I’m blessed with both offline and online friends that have made my life a lot better as of recently, which is why I’m not dreading this day as much anymore. In fact, I may even mark it on the calendar for next year! I’ll see!

Now, as far as birthday presents go… I got that book and some other things from Ms Magi and apparently, the friends that are coming over on Saturday also have gifts, so I’m intrigued. I’m really excited about NieR Replicant as well as Humankind, though, since those are two games by excellent studios that I ended up pre-ordering a while ago… and while they do come out at the end of April and while it is a while until then, I’m more than excited about those late birthday gifts! Also, Risk of Rain 2 came out on my birthday (well, two days later… but still!) and there will be a new update on the 25th, so expect a post on that and the new survivor soon! :)

All in all, I’ll try to be more positive about all of this and I’ll try to dread this day less. I’m still young and I shouldn’t be this negative about something like this, I guess.


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