Sleep schedule fixed, what now?

It’s been a while since I last complained about my sleep schedule, so I figured it’d be a nice prompt to choose instead of the planned writing prompt. As for the planned writing prompt, I wanted to post a longer non-rambling post about Twitch-related stuff but sadly, it took us ages to get home. We just arrived… It’s quite late… This post needs to go out but I’ll just delay the Bleeding Purple post and write about this topic instead. Yay!

Anyway, I’ve had trouble with my sleep schedule before I even knew of the word’s existence. Frankly, I love sleeping but sometimes I just couldn’t fall asleep at all… I’d lie awake at night for hours and hours without actually getting any rest and it would drive me mad. When I got tired, the birds started to sing their songs and I had to get up all of a sudden… and then I’d either be wide awake at night again or I’d end up falling asleep during the night, passing out at my desk or in the classroom. I once even had a time between exams where I stayed awake for four days and nights in a row to the point where I could swear that I saw things moving… like objects in the room… move without anyone touching them. It was crazy! 

But my current “problem” is that I fixed my sleep schedule. I wake up in the mornings, I am productive during the day, and I fall asleep at night.

To do that, I…

  • started eating at the same time every day,
  • stopped looking at the clock in the middle of the night,
  • started using blue light filters and night mode on most of my devices,
  • stopped the “if I only get two hours, it’s not worth it, I’ll just stay awake” mindset,
  • started opening the windows every night for a good 30 minutes of cold air,
  • stopped rushing through my tasks until the end of the night,
  • and I started having to-do lists that just go on into the next day.

Those are some of the things that helped me and while a fixed sleep schedule is cool and all… I kind of hate it.

I wake up at 5:40 am and can’t stay up as long anymore. Even if I try to stay awake until later than usual aka 10/11 pm, I end up sleeping until 5:40 – 6:00 AM, resulting in me sleeping a normal amount of time but still getting sleepy in the evenings. That’s not too much of an issue when I drink coffee at mid-day but I kind of want to cut off at caffeine and uh… Yeah, I just like to complain. For now, this works out fine. I can’t stay up super late but at least I get to sleep properly and I get to wake up early, stream in the morning, and then start the day afterwards with university, food, blogging, food, some games or streams or shows,… and then sleep. 

Uh, so what’s the point of today’s post? To sum it up, I think I’m just happy to make progress in this thing and I’m happy that this is working out. After this project’s done for a long time, I’ll post a few times about washing the dishes and how to deal with annoying spots on your dishes.


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