NieR: Replicant… Head Canon!

Today I finished playing through NieR: Replicant. Again, I talked a bit about it in my post on the most annoying quest and my post on endings but there are plenty of endings and I finished all of them today. Before I head into this… here’s a spoiler warning. You’ve been warned. I’ll talk about Ending B to E, so if you don’t wanna get spoiled on those skip to the headcanon bit or to another post.

Anyways, Ending A and B essentially tell the same story with a few additions in Ending B that let you in on the thoughts and feelings of the Shades because yes, Shades have feelings. The Shades you kill throughout your playthrough were human at one point but later turned into Shades because of stuff that I still have to piece together. The story is quite complex and since I haven’t played Drakengard (yet? pls port!), I’m not entirely sure how Legions, Shades, Replicants, and Humans tie into this world but still, the bits I understood were great and I loved them to bits and pieces. I loved the game. Anyways, once you complete Ending B, you have to unlock all weapons in order to be able to see Ending C and D. These weapons include the Iron Pipe that you automatically get at the end of Ending B or through a quest in the Mythic Forest, as well as the “Fool’s” weapon-set that you get through your Mother’s Diary after you completed Ending A… and when you have all weapons (you can check via the Wiki OR via the Grimoire-Weapons-Tab (it has a percentage there), you basically can fight a new boss in the Shadowlord’s Castle. 

After you beat the Shadowlord, you’ll be reunited with Yonha while Kayné turns away and behaves weirdly. This is because she has changed and her hate is gone. She learned to accept herself and the shade within her, Tyrann, because of us, “Nier” aka whatever you named your character. Since there is no hate to fulfil the pact of Tyrann and Kayné, the Shade wins over and Kayné gets fully possessed and is out of control, so we have to fight the Final Boss Kayné. Once we’ve beaten her, we have two choices:

Ending C: Kill Kayné to fulfil her request and freeing her from the burden of the shade within her and all the hatred that comes with it.

Ending D: Obliterate your existence in order to save Kayné.

Ending C is sad… but alright. Ending D deletes all your save files but saves Kayné. So, I went for both and while it was nice to see Kayné happy… it wasn’t exactly a happy ending. My chat and I wanted to see this true happy ending… so we, went for Ending D, then started a new playthrough on the route to Ending E. Ending E is just a normal playthrough from a fresh file that you cannot name after your first character. You start off in Part 1 and play the game until you go to the Aery for the second time where you fight Hook and save Kayné but Kayné actually awakens from a dream and goes off to kill things because she’s sad and lost because it’s been three years since *she* defeated the Shadowlord and despite it all being over, she doesn’t know what’s wrong. She feels like there’s something or someone missing… On our way out, we meet a guard that goes to the Forest of Myth where we get to Ending E that allows us to restore our memories and save Nier who now is back and everyone is happy.

This is where the headcanon comes in… which goes as follows. Kayné and Nier catch up and end up getting married. Emil gets to know someone who loves him the way he is. The wedding is held in Nier’s village and obviously, the King of Facade and his entourage are invited to as well. They all live happily ever after. Even Weiss gets to know a thicc dictionary (one of my viewers added that). The end.

It’s kinda boring… I personally loved Kayné’s story and her character to bits even if her costume is a bit much… and while I like her, I think that Emil and Nier should get married since it’s being hinted that Emil would like that… or maybe I just misunderstood it and he just identifies more like a “bride” rather than a “groom” or rather that he doesn’t know where he stands on the spectrum. Emil could very much be LGBTQIA+ if you think about it since he and his sister fused into one body and since he’s technically a weapon created during Project Gestalt. 

Anyways, I’d love it if the Postman from Seafront and the King of Facade and Jakob from the Junkheap as well as the chief from the Forest of Myth all came to throw a big fat wedding party in the… uh IDK… library? The library would be big enough for that. Nier and Kayné would still travel the world with Weiss and Emil on their side while Yonha comes along and gets to see more of everything, including the desert, the mountains, the sea and the rest of the world where they get all sorts of yummy food as they try to uncover a way of returning Emil to his former body. 

But yeah,…

Our headcanon stays headcanon.

Ending E is great because it leaves all of that to our imagination while still giving us a great ending. Once you get Ending E you get a “Thanks for playing” message by the entire main cast as well in the options menu, where Devola, Popola, Tyrann, Weiss, Kayné, Nier, Older Nier, Yonha, and Emil all have a very wholesome moment together and where they end up thanking the player for everything. It’s cute and wholesome… and while I know that our headcanon doesn’t exactly work or probably won’t ever be adapted as actual canon… it’s still cute in our heads and we thought about this for a bit and I promised that I’d make a post about it. 

Apart from that, I’ve got a post planned that is more akin to a review actually where I’ll talk about my thoughts on NieR Replicant. Obviously, I love it but I want to talk more about why I love it instead of just saying that I love it while I fanboy over all the small things in the game… and I also want to talk about things that bothered me… and that’d be great in a review. The question is only if I could really call it “Indietail” since Toylogic and Square Enix aren’t exactly “indie”… but we’ll see.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Looking forward to the next post.


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