Solar Eclipses and Stargazing

I’ve always had a fascination with events like eclipses, star showers, and comets, but the only times that I’ve been able to experience them were when I was on vacation. The reason for that is because Germany frankly isn’t the best spot to go for stargazing or events like comets or whatever… because of the weather. I mean, it can work… Certainly, it did once I believe and I saw like two shooting stars but most of the time it’s super cloudy and hardly ever worth it.

Today we had a Solar Eclipse but over here, it seems that there’s been only 17% coverage which is hardly worth ruining your eyesight over. So, that’s a bummer… I still tried though and succeeded in getting a glimpse on the beautiful blackened rim of the sun disk that was hovering at our beautiful and quite cloudy sky… it wasn’t for long and it hurt like crazy but hey, I got a glimpse at it and it was worth it, I think.

Soon, I’ll turn blind because of this experience today but I hope that I get to catch another full eclipse until then, similar to the one we had six years ago. I still remember it. It was beautiful… but oh boyo, my eyes were hurting like crazy back then even with those special glasses that our school ordered back then.

Either way, it’s summer which means that the Perseids meteor shower is coming soon… meaning that a friend of mine (known as Porcelain House) and I will probably go star-gazing again in July, with a bottle of Jägermeister in hand at a high spot near our university in hopes to catch a few shooting stars together. We did that for the last two years and I only was able to see two or three in one night and one in the other… but it’s been lovely and a lot of fun to talk and hang out on a warm summer night. Really looking forward to this year’s… hopefully the curfew is lifted until then.

Either way, I wanted to talk about this today and I hope that other people caught a glimpse of it today with more success than me.


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3 thoughts on “Solar Eclipses and Stargazing

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  1. I was excited to see the eclipse but not so keen on ruining my eyes so made a pin hole camera. Unfortunately it was cloudy, but whilst hoping for a gap in the clouds a thinner cloud passed in front of the sun so I did get to very briefly see the sun with a bite missing!

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    1. It was very marginal over here experience-wise but hey, I saw a little bit, too, at the cost of some of my deteriorating eyesight. I already am quite blind so whatever. :D Good to see another enthusiast over here though! Did you ever see a full eclipse? We had one six years ago here in Germany.

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