The Book of Cuties – Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!

So, in yesterday’s stream, a long-term member of my community declared that they’ve got to say farewell. And I’m both sad and happy for them since they want to spend less time on the internet and on their job and have a family and all of that and it just threw me off the track. I quickly paused the game I was playing, moved to a different scene and gave them a moment, talking about our best moments and their first messages and how they always brought a smile to my face and how we laughed, joked and chatted a lot… and I promised them that I shall draw something for them that will always be there to commemorate them…

But a picture or drawing or whatever wouldn’t do it justice. Instead, I was thinking of doing something that we all came up with quite a while ago during our NieR: Replicant and Getting Over It streams… The Book of Cuties!

Essentially, a book that says nice things about awesome people.

I’ve got big plans for this and I want to animate something myself or find a way to do it and I’ll probably need some help but in essence, I’d love to create a full-on book animation or whatever… A grimoire of sorts that swoops into the scenes on stream, opens up, and it has different entries in there that showcase members of our community that are still around, that moved on, or that just did awesome things… Essentially, I wanna create something like that for my stream and basically expand it as time goes on with little drawings and doodles and more information about people and it would essentially just be a community effort. A grimoire-style would be especially cool… We could add inside-jokes to it and “community lore” and whatnot.

Creating something via Flipsnack or Heyzine or other programs could probably also work but I have no idea about all of that and haven’t found too many videos or posts on it that showcase how the end result looks or how easy or complicated it is to use those programs. I’d maybe use those eventually for reference… but I’d love to create something from scratch myself. Especially as I’m getting better at drawing and all of that. :)

In the end, this is just an idea I just had and I kinda dig it. I’m looking forward to working on it as time goes on and maybe adding some progress updates to the blog as well as time goes on… It’s gonna be rad and it would certainly fit that “Lich/Crypt/Necromancy” brand I’ve got going on, I believe.

Either way, I just wanted to write about this and I’m looking forward to working on it. Do you by any chance know of any programs that can be used for that? I wanted to maybe meddle with Blender soon anyway, so I wouldn’t mind creating it from scratch but it’s gonna be lovely regardless. I’m pretty sure that I’ll eventually have a cool feature in the works!

Hence, this is the end of the post. Hope you enjoyed this short one! If you have any advice, ideas or knowledge to pass on, feel free to message me or comment below. Would love to hear some input on all of this! I’ll see ya around!


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