Review – Nix and Kix: Cucumber/Mint and Mango/Ginger

So, yesterday, two “new” sodas caught my eye in our local “Rewe” (a grocery store in Germany). What piqued my interest wasn’t necessarily the slick design and lovely-looking colours (I mean, it looks nice in my collection but we don’t care about that)… What really made me curious were the interesting flavour combinations! So, I decided to write about these two cans here. Essentially, today I’ll review them much in the style of my previous Dr Pepper review.

First up, we’ve got the Nix and Kix Cucumber Mint flavour. The can features a slightly yellow-ish beige tone for the base colour with green stripes at the top and bottom. The flavour combination here consists of Cucumber and Mint as well as a bit of cayenne “for a happy pick me up”. According to the can, it’s not only vegan but also low in calories. I don’t usually care about calories or whether or not a product is vegan but when it happens to be, I’m happy about it, I guess. You may wanna kick the can as long as you don’t kick the bucket while doing so. As far as the taste goes, it’s very herbal, I would say. It tastes very much like cucumber but it has a minty aftertaste that I’m a fan of. I feel like the combination is quite unique but in a good way. The cayenne note adds an interesting spiciness to it. That spiciness and the herbiness of the taste pair well with the slight lime note. Overall, I’m very much a fan of it. It’s also quite sparkly and I could imagine that it pairs quite well with some gin. I mean, gin and cucumber pair quite well but some Gin Tonic variants use mint and I’d imagine that this soda could go really well with a nice gin overall. It’s sparkly and has those notes that I personally enjoy in a Gin Fizz or a Gin Tonic. I may do more research on that in the future. :)

As far as Mango Ginger goes, I didn’t like it as much as the previous flavour. Sure, the yellow stripes look nice on the can but what I noticed immediately is that it’s relatively spicy. Cayenne already has a bit of spice to it, obviously, but so does Ginger and I feel like the sweetness of the mango isn’t actually as strongly present and hence it may not be for everyone. Still, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Especially if you savour it a bit longer in your mouth, the spiciness passes and you get a bit of a sweet and sour note in your mouth that is quite refreshing. I like Ginger Ale a lot and Ginger tea, so I thought I’d enjoy this one more but I think that the ginger doesn’t pair all that well with the mango because it very much overpowers the sweetness of the mango and makes it barely noticeable, which is a bit of a bummer. 

Overall, I can recommend these, though. It’s nice and refreshing. Cucumber Mint is my favourite among these two and I’m looking forward to trying out other variations of Nix and Kix once I find some more. Hope you enjoyed this small review on these flavours. Have you tried these out? Let me know about your impressions!


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