Two-Year-Blog-Anniversary! Huzzah!

Two years ago, I published my first-ever review on this blog. It’s been a while and hence, I figured, I should write about this occasion! Actually, my first blog post was from July 15th and honestly, I kinda forgot about that one because it’s a bit… uh, unrefined. On the 16th, I then announced that I’d participate in 2019’s Blaugust. But I thought my first ever post had been on the 19th and uh, this is fine. I’m sure nobody cares about how early or late I am with these posts. I figured I should write a bit about some statistics, some of my highlights in blogging, and that sort of thing. 

Let’s start with “Indietail”. I started the blog initially to review games and honestly, I’ve kept true to that for most of the time… even though I’m branching out a lot more nowadays with the First Impressions posts and the Interviews and the Demo stuff… and then there’s also the other categories that I’m posting in. Overall, this has become “my blog” and not “just another review blog”, which I’m quite happy about.

My first ever review has been on The Flame In The Flood, followed by my review on Moonlighter. I then wanted to review Ori and the Blind Forest but that one has stayed there in the drafts for quite some time… That’s my oldest draft btw. Over two years, I published a total of 112 reviews. My most successful review used to be my review on Fall Guys but my review on Girl by the Sea has recently taken up the top spot and even overtaken my posts on Raid Shadow Legends and stuff. I’m proud of that. 

I think my favourite reviews include my review on The Flame In The Flood but also Ape OutTacomaThe Longing, and Outer Wilds. I feel like I did new things in those reviews and I’m quite proud of how that worked out.

On top of those reviews, I also did a few “First Impressions” style posts on demos, previews, upcoming games and interesting titles in the “Indie Radar” style category called “The Lookout Post”. There I published a total of 59 posts. The posts that did the best in that category were my interview with Forrest Dowling on Drake Hollow as well as my First Impressions post on The Legend of Tianding. I really like writing up those posts and covering demos and previews. I wanna be a bit more creative with this format as well in the future but while I have something interesting in mind, I don’t quite have an idea of how I can execute it. I’ll have to brainstorm some more on that.

Next up, I also published 17 posts on Twitch-related stuff and 14 posts on Humble Choice. Those posts tend to not do so well unless it’s about something controversial. I also did publish 157 posts on The Stray Sheep (including this post), a format that an offline friend of mine actually prefers to read reportedly. I enjoy writing these posts even if they aren’t the best for traffic or whatever. Who cares? As long as we’re having fun, all is good.

At last, I also published 105 posts in The Gaming Journal, a post on all sorts of things from games that I’ve finally played (not Indie) to Indie Stuff I played to series of posts like the upcoming Eorzea-series about FFXIV Online… or the Monster Hunter Log that documented my progress in MHW. I enjoy writing comments and discussion-time posts on gaming-related topics or publish the Late to the Party format about playthroughs of (older) games that I finally did. It’s been a lot of fun to do this sorta thing and to have a category where I can publish a series of posts without having to worry about upsetting people.

According to my calculations, I should be at 463 posts in total but according to WordPress’ stats, I have only published 449 posts (excluding this post) with 45 posts (including this one) sitting in the drafts. It’s a bit funky in a way but hey, whatever. Stats are for losers, right?

Over two years, I found my rhythm with the blog and have learned how to be a bit more consistent with it, how to save some time here and there with the reviews, and how to find more joy in writing stuff for people that I don’t know. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to keeping the streak up (currently, I’m sitting at 205 days in a row!) as well as writing posts on here and all of that.

One of my highlights this year probably has been the e-mail I received from Team Cultic, the guys behind Cats and the Other Lives. There were another few times where I felt touched that some developers would go out of their way to thank me for writing about their games or for praising their work and stuff. Honestly, the impact that blogging has is kinda wholesome. I just hope that the next few days, weeks, months, and hopefully years stay wholesome and that I don’t end up getting trolls in or whatever because… Yeah, that would suck.

Hence, huzzah to two years! Looking forward to blogging some more. If you made it this far… Thanks for reading my stuff. If you have a “favourite post” of sorts by me then make sure to name it below or to tell me what your highlight with the blog was, if there was such a thing so far! Would love to hear about that! Push that ego or whatever. Stay kind.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s a bummer that so many blogs end up not making it but it’s quite fulfilling to stick this one out and to write a post a day. :) But yeah time’s flying past quite quickly. Funnily enough, I started writing blog posts a month after I got to together with my current partner, so my two-year-anniversary with Ms Magi has been only a month before my two-year-blog-anniversary :D

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