Tales from Eorzea #2 – Progress!

So far I’m really enjoying Final Fantasy XIV Online. I mean, travelling by foot is a bit slow but apparently, I get a mount soon, so I gotta level up a bit! Sure, I can sprint for like 45 seconds when not in combat but it has a cooldown and just makes stuff tedious. Also, in the last post, I’ve noticed that doing side quests is super slow and somewhat tedious, especially since you don’t get too many good rewards… and also, I’m still travelling on foot. I may do more side quests once I have my mount. Hence, for today’s post, I basically tried to do a bunch of main quests!

So, I completed a total of fourteen main quests and it brought me all the way up to Level 17, I think. I started at Level 13 but main quests essentially give good exp. Sure, the hunting log is also quite rewarding but when you’re behind, it’s rather hard to get those kills… Especially when you only limited potions available to you.

For “Step Nine”, I had to bring a receipt of purchase to one place, exchange it for a pumpkin, and then bring it to a tavern called “Coffer & Coffin”, which is a place I had to frequent quite often actually for the other quests. Just like in other RPGs, taverns are where adventurers get a lot of their requests or jobs from… So, it was nice to see that in here as well. That made me kind of happy, actually, in a somewhat nostalgic way. Then, we received the “Prudence at This Junction” quest that basically introduced us to Warin who then gave us other requests. I like it when quests introduce you to interesting or important people. In this case, Warin is, I think, a guard or guard captain of sorts that also enlists adventurers like us. Once we talked to him, we got the next quest: “Out of House and Home”. In this one, we learned that Coblyns were attacking ore wagons at a trade route, which is why we had to take care of those.

So we met this guy previously at the Sultantree and we got a flashback to his background story of “being a playboy” because that’s apparently flashback-worthy. Either way, I don’t know we got this flashback. Anway…

All of those tasks were rather short and in a way “boring”. I mean, sure, all quests are essentially: “Go here, go there”, “Take W item and deliver it to Z”, “Gather certain items at this spot over there” or “Go kill X Ys and come back” quests but at least these gave me a lot of rewards. I’m glad that there aren’t many more types of quests so far as I was starting to turn to letters like “U” and “T” to describe things and… that would have been weird. Clearly, the way I handled it right here was perfect and there was no way that I could have just used X, Y and Z for all of these examples. (That’s a joke, you may laugh.)

Either way, while those quests were boring, they gave good experience, and we essentially were able to finally progress the story in the next quest: “Way Down in the Hole”. This quest essentially taught us that there’s a rumour of an untapped ore vein below the Sil’dih Excavation Site. We accompany a young and ambitious merchant named Wystan to those ruins and encounter bandits. Before they could attack us, however, an ominous figure summoned a Clay Golem which not only chased away the bandits but also was targeting us now. Hence, we had to simply destroy it and uh… that ruined new features: Guildleves, Recommendations, and Inn Rooms. Recommendations are there in case I’m wondering what I should be doing in a session. It’s basically a list of activities from different Duties to certain Jobs, Fates, Quests, and Events. Quite nice actually. Guildleves are special quests that you can do to basically get good experience points… I was told that those are great if you’re levelling up other classes as the experience is great and as Square Enix doesn’t want you to do the same story over and over again, and to be fair, I feel like that’s a great solution. The Guildleve I did was a bit confusing with the whole “Initiate in that area” thing that I didn’t get at first… but once I initiated it in the quest menu, I basically got to kill a monster and then I was teleported back to the quest giver so I could earn my reward. Very nice. Inn Rooms are… I don’t know. I probably will need them eventually but I didn’t check them out yet because I’m somewhat hurting for money.

Our next few quests basically had a lot of dialogue in them and/or were boring. Hence, I didn’t take many notes on those. The dialogue was quite wordy and didn’t really stick in my head, especially because it didn’t seem important. The other quests were just “Go there, kill those” type of quests. “One of them was called “Give it to me Raw” which is… a GREAT name. I’ll leave out the rest of the names btw but uh, there was another quest there with a nice name: In “Passing the Blade”, we pass on an ancient blade to someone… I wanted to mention this quest in particular because it literally is self-explanatory in contrast to every other quest. It’s super weird how straightforward stuff like this can be name-wise. Most quests are either kinda abstract OR they just relate to something I don’t get… but this one is exactly what it is about.

I forgot to take screenshots specifically for this post. Uh, so instead of some ugly Clay Golem, here… take a look at the cute boots and the cute robe I found. The robe is actually worse than my recommended gear but it’s red and matches the hat, so that’s kinda cool, innit? Like who cares about less defence if you kill people with your dashing good looks and with fire before they can hurt you?

Either way, we basically finished up those quests, levelled up a bunch, and in most cases, my level got synced because I was too high-level. I then did the “Following Footfalls” quest followed by “Storms on the Horizon”. Both of these quests had a lot of dialogue in them about some guards and… Honestly, I’m really confused about the story as a whole. Alas, it was all just about setting up “Oh, Captain, My Captain” where we Beat Baldewyn Four Yalms, who was a bit of a tough enemy to beat. I mean, I actually took a break to get up, stretch, go to the toilet and get something to drink. When I came back, I noticed that the dialogue was suddenly on auto-scroll and initiated combat but Baldewyn was so afraid of me that he didn’t dare kill me in the time I was AFK. I mean, he did some damage but I got healed by an NPC a bunch of times and regenerated a lot. Also, Baldewyn was nearly dead because of said NPC and while he was only two levels below me, he didn’t really take much damage, so it still took a lot of time to get through his skin and stuff.

So, these quests took a while but I made plenty of progress and with that encounter of the cloaked man, I feel like the story is slowly starting to progress a bit. I’m kind of lost right now, to be fair, with all the different locations and all the side characters being introduced and stuff… But in the end, I’ll hope that I actually get to meet the other people eventually and get to the fun story stuff. Regardless, I made a lot more progress than I did with the side quests, even though I did a lot more side quests and even though levelling up takes longer the higher you go… So, I’ll probably stick to mostly main quests with some side quests here and there. I feel like that’s the best way to go.

Same as above but uh without the UI. Look at how cute Lizz is!

Next time, I’ll see to doing more main quests and progressing the story more. For today’s post, I wanted to emphasize how many slow and boring main quests there are but I’ll probably skip the boring parts and won’t even mention them in the next post next Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll get a Chocobo or something as a mount… or a pet that helps me out. That’d be amazing! Either way, hopefully, you enjoyed this post! I’m having fun with it! Apparently, I first level up one class to level 80 and then level up the rest because you also get an exp boost for other classes when you get one to level 80. For the jobs it’s similar but you first level up gatherers before you level up the crafters… And I can see that being a thing, mostly because materials made me broke once and it’s a bit of a bummer that you cannot actually get good items via crafting early on. Oh well.


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6 thoughts on “Tales from Eorzea #2 – Progress!

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    1. Yeah but I didn’t really find any yet so… for now it’s just gonna be this one with slightly less defense (-2) and slightly less magic resist (-8) than the recommended gear but it at least fits the hat now, which is all that matters.


  1. It can be worth doing side quests with a dark blue marker because that indicates they unlock something. You don’t have to be level 80 to unlock the Armoury bonus! It applies any time you’re on a class/job that’s a lower level than your highest.

    Lizz is indeed cute.

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    1. Oh, right, yeah, I was told to just accept all the blue quests and the main quests and skip the side quests. I wouldn’t say that the blue ones are side quests really. They’re more of optional tutorial quests, I guess? Like with the Guildleves and stuff: 1) Explain the system, 2) give people a reward for listening aka easy exp, 3) leave them alone to have fun.

      Oh, really? That’s cool then with the Armory bonus. I guess it’s mostly worth it though once you max out a character to level 60, since I’m still on the free plan that’s the cap after all. I mean, like, at Level 17, it would probably not even be worth it to switch classes and get a class from Level 1 to Level 17 without any gear or anything, right? :D I guess I’ll just leave it for later and then I can even craft gear for them and all of that stuff, right? :)


      1. Yeah, the blue quest unlocks are a variety of things like game systems, leve thingies, non-MSQ dungeons, beast tribes (daily quest rep grind content), letting your chocobo mount become an open world fighting buddy, and so on. For Heavensward onward they’re part of unlocking flying in a zone.

        Personally I messed around with other jobs on the way to 80 because the variety was fun. There’s a LOT of MSQ and sometimes the break was nice!

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  2. Welcome to Eorzea! The early ARR story is a lot of world building, character introduction, and lore dropping. So it is a slow burn (which I’m sure you’ve heard from other sources). It really depends on whether it’s your thing or not, but I never had much problem with it back when I played through my first time.

    Anyhow, hope you enjoy your time! If you get stuck or have any questions, give me a ping on my blog or on Twitter. I’m a happy sprout helper having played since back in 2013. :)

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