Stream-Anniversary-Planning and AMAs?

Nearly two years ago, I started my first-ever stream on November 19th, 2019 on Twitch. I streamed Risk of Rain on my crappy laptop and honestly had quite a bit of fun back then. Later, I’d end up playing Bioshock, Catherine, Aviary Attorney and many other games and over time, I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit and improve a whole lot on top of building a cool community full of cuties. Either way, November 19th is coming closer and hence, I wanted to get to planning some more but I also don’t wanna reveal everything, so I figured I should just write about the process that I’m at right now.

Just like last year, I’ll probably end up looking through my clips and play some fun games (including Jackbox) and there will be giveaways and stuff but I also wanted to do something new and special, which is why I set up this google doc over here! It’s been revealed to my audience on Twitch (and everyone in the Discord) already and I’ll effectively collect questions anonymously over there and I’ll answer them all on November 19th! There’s going to be more to the event than just that but I essentially would love to answer questions that people may have about me, streaming, blogging, etc. and I’d imagine that it could be a lot of fun, especially because I won’t know who they’re sent by and because everyone can send in questions or comments. I’d imagine that this is gonna be a lot of fun! 

Now, as far as other events, I’ve thought about maybe trying to do something special like a sub-a-thon but I think I’ll pass up on that idea, especially with how my internet has been behaving as of late with it getting worse and even cutting out in the evening. It’s quite annoying and I wouldn’t be able to stream like that. Even if I slept during the night and left the stream on or something, that’d be quite boring, wouldn’t it? Not to mention that streaming is quite draining and I don’t think that I’d have the capacity to stream 24 hours again… which is also quite unhealthy… or doing more than that. I think 12 hours is the maximum I would go if I were to do a special event for that day. I’ll still have to figure out what exactly I’ll do… We may even do a cooking stream. I’d have a ton of very cool recipes to share. It might be a lot of fun.

As far as games go, I’d imagine that Jackbox could be a ton of fun. Because of a certain Humble Bundle, I now own all of the Jackbox games, meaning that we could effortlessly switch them out here and there or we could go on forever. We could also play some fun games with the community together or do some games like Dead Cells or Ring of Pain with Twitch Integration in it and stuff. 

Another thing I was thinking about was doing maybe another charity stream, potentially for St. Jude’s or something like that? But at the same time, I’d have to do more research for that and for now we’ll just keep ideas simple. Either way, I’ve got a lot of ideas in my head right now and what’s important is that I don’t overthink it or cut myself off every time I have an unrealistic idea… Planning is more of a process anyway, at least for me. Hence, brainstorming a whole bunch and then creating an event plan would be quite cool and could lead to a lot of fun. Hence, the most important thing is to keep the creative juices flowing and to basically work on a plan or as many ideas as possible and then just take it from there. I’d love to sing on stream but with Twitch Sings gone that’s obviously gonna be tricky to set up, so I’ll sort that out in my head but it still stays on the list because if I were to struggle with ideas, some of the dumb ideas could very much become viable. Just like IRL streams, fitness streams, cooking streams, and all the other ideas that are hard to implement and that will be even harder to execute for me with my current setup.

Alas, that’s about it for the post today. It seems that I’ve caught a cold of sorts and that I’m a tad feverish today, which is a bit of an issue… Hence, I’ll tuck myself into bed again in a bit after I scheduled this post here. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of me rambling today! I’d love it if you, dear readers, could add a bunch of questions as well over here at the “AMA: Ask Magi Anything!” form. If you ever wanted to ask me anything about games, blogging, streaming, myself, my life, etc., do it over there and I’ll get to it in November during that special 2-Year-Stream-Anniversary stream! :) Hope you have a lovely day! Stay safe!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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