Writing to one of my Inspirations

When I still went to school, I participated in a lot of science fair projects and I absolutely loved it to the point where I’d want to become a scientist later on. The teacher that enabled me to do that is a teacher that would also do everything possible to ensure that students with an interest in music were provided with instruments and a teacher that use up a lot of his own time to make sure that my presentation for the science fair project was perfect. I wanted to practice again and again and even though he may have been tired from work, he still has chosen to practice with me again and give me feedback and help me out. 

Now, I want to become a teacher and whenever I lose motivation or faith in my dream of becoming a teacher like that enables his students and that creates opportunities for them, I look up above my shelf to this sign I have there from one of my first science fair projects and it shows me: That’s what you want to be like! That’s kind of my ideal and it gives me hope that I can do it and helps me out in terms of motivation and inspiration to try even harder to get the semantics and stuff into my head and to push through the most boring lectures because, in the end, I want to become a teacher like that that is able to convey his knowledge to his students in a way that they can comprehend it well. Similarly, I want to make sure that I treat my students fairly and that I give them opportunities to improve without giving others a disadvantage or anything like that. The teacher I mentioned above would give us the option of turning in our notes that he then would grade, greatly improving the “Epochal Note”, the great we got for participating in the lessons. Everyone had to turn those notes in and people that were shy or quiet didn’t need to speak up in classes all the time. Obviously, they still had to, but they didn’t get put on the spot like how other teachers I had have done it in the past.

Either way, as I started out in university I still kept in touch with that teacher and as time went on and as I got busier and busier, I ended up losing touch again. Hence, for the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting to write him an E-Mail again, asking him about how he’s doing, what he’s up to and also telling him about my change in majors from Mathematics to English Studies as well as other things. I struggled quite hard with this one, though, as I felt as if it was “awkward” or “weird” for me to message him again after a whole year of silence… and as I’ve started to overthink this over and over again, I ended up not writing to him just yet.

Well, in the same vein of finally starting to run, I essentially decided to wing it first thing in the morning today. Btw, I didn’t go running for the past few days due to bad weather but I ended up working out at home here and I’ll try to make it a habit in the next week. Either way, I decided that “Es gibt nicht’s Gutes außer man tut es” applies to this as well. I wanna make this my motto in life and I wanna try to uh “carpe” that “diem” if you catch my drift. I wanna be someone that doesn’t procrastinate too much and tackles things as they come along. I mean I’m already pretty much winging life as is, right? So, what if I didn’t only live one day at a time but actually also made the most of those days. 

Hence, I wrote him that e-mail and explained that I struggled to write to him but decided to in the end, including that Erich Kästner quote that I know he’ll appreciate! I mean, he knows it. I also wrote to him about my change in majors and my reasoning behind it and how learning English basically enabled me to make so many great friends and to meet so many great people – and that I want to be that enabler for my students as well… and that he motivates me… and that I want to do better than others and try to be as great as he was… and “I’m not crying, you’re crying!”

Jokes aside, it made me a bit nostalgic and maybe I made it a tad too cheesy but he really did inspire me a lot in my aspirations and I want to do those aspirations justice as time goes on. So, I finally wrote to him and now I’ll wait for an answer. I doubt he’ll be mad or upset that I haven’t written to him in a while. Actually, I’m really looking forward to what he’s been up to since he later became a professor at a university and I wanna know how that went. I also am really looking forward to hearing what he has to say about my somewhat cheesy message… but while it may be cheesy, it’s very much true. It went right from my heart to the paper… or the mail rather… you know what I mean. It’s effectively how I felt and feel and I’ll stand by it.


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