A Stray Sheep on Food, Running, Health and Blogging

For today’s post, I wanted to talk about a whole lot of different topics including Running, Sleeping, Blogging, Food, and my Headaches. So strap on for a lot of shorter topics all in one post!

So, first up, lately, I’ve been sleeping quite well actually. I didn’t have to use melatonin to fall asleep. I still “allow myself to fall asleep” instead of saying that I “have to fall asleep” and when I can’t get some shuteye, I just try to rest, which is also fine. But most of the time, I actually was able to get a solid six to eight hours of sleep and it seems to work. I’m still super tired in the morning but I try to get up right away when I wake up so that I can brush my teeth, eat an apple or something and go for a run. Today’s Day 2 of Running… Yeah, I let it slide a little bit but I feel like running once per week should be the minimum and running multiple times should be great. Also, Sunday is a great day for that, I believe. Nobody’s out in the park on a Sunday apart from some dog owners… Yay! That aside, I’m planning to go swimming next week. I’ve been smoke-free for a few days but I still get these cravings and I’m still missing this “ritual” of mine to go for a smoke every few hours. Yesterday, I actually tried eating on the balcony even while it was cold, to kinda take that spot up but uh, didn’t work. Felt weird. Playing video games isn’t really the best thing either. I’m not a fan of chewing gums but when in doubt, I’ll buy some sugar-free ones and get to chewing, I guess? I also had a vape somewhere over here but I can’t seem to find it. The liquids were nicotine-free and it was quite good to puff some vape with that thing the last few times I tried to quit.

Speaking of quitting, I’m already noticing that I’m getting really hungry quite often. Hence, I’ve been trying to eat three times a day. I made some pasta with tuna and spinach yesterday, for instance. I poured the remaining spinach into a form for the fridge and used that as a bread spread this morning… Was quite good actually! Last Sunday, I made some pancakes with spinach, cream cheese, and feta filling. They turned out great. I basically want to get my iron levels up without having to rely on supplements… or rather, I’m taking the supplements that I got from the blood donation centre whenever I don’t actually eat too much iron-rich food. So, essentially, I just wanna be healthier and as I’m not only pale but since I also get anaemic at times, I figured I should get those iron levels on a good level again. The good thing is that all the tasty stuff has a lot of iron in it. I mean, I use spring onions, spinach, beans, parsley, lentils, and a lot of nuts usually anyway… and I love fish and chicken meat, so that’s rad. Oh, and chicken hearts and chicken livers are great, too, in food. In the end, it’s not just about getting more iron into my body but also about potentially living healthier overall. I mean, getting those vitamins and whatever in check and not eating pasta five days in a row sounds pretty good, right?

If I get less dizzy from it in the process or end up with headaches that aren’t as bad anymore, then that’s pretty good, although I know that the headaches won’t stop even if I eat healthier and get up early or run or whatever. I mean, at this point it’s pretty much chronic. Every day is bad. I’m just getting used to the pain (which is btw not a good thing). Writing about it reminds me that it’s still there and that it’s not normal. The GP here didn’t find anything weird or abnormal really. Like, even if I say that my iron levels aren’t good, they were perfect actually according to a blood test I did the other day. I just like to worry, and I wanna take care of it anyway. It doesn’t harm, at least! I also quit coffee quite a while ago or haven’t really had much coffee in recent weeks. I think I just make coffee once a month and enjoy it but I try not to tie my “being awake” to coffee. Maybe I’m just mixing things up at this point now.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was Blogging. I’m having a lot of fun with these posts as of late but on Friday, I actually felt too tired to write so I just went to sleep, resulting in yesterday’s and today’s posts coming out later than usual and actually being written on the same day as they were posted. That’s something I don’t like, to be honest. I mean, I love having one post in the can and stuff… Hence, I’ll most likely write a review tonight for tomorrow (if all goes to plan) and I’ll then try to get some other posts going on more demos, interesting titles, and other reviews I wanted to write for a long time now. I’m sure it will be exciting for some of y’all. A friend of mine actually mentioned that he likes to read the posts that aren’t gaming-related and that he enjoys the daily stuff more but I’m sure there are also people that are the exact opposite, judging from how the views are on my Stray Sheep posts and whatever. To sum it up, people either care about me or they don’t give two fucks about me, hahaha.

Jokes aside, I’ll end up queueing up some blog posts and going back to scheduling them on a daily basis with some foot room as well. I’m also liking the workout so far and stuff. I still feel super dead afterwards but it feels good to be exhausted again… it’s lovely because it’s not the feeling of being drained and exhausted that I’ve been feeling in the last few months, due to the pandemic and stuff. I’m also happy about eating good food. I actually bought some sriracha sauce on Friday while I was in Little Tokyo over here and… I’m looking forward to eating lots and lots more spicy food! Hooray! Hope you enjoyed this post. Any good food you’re eating as of late? Let me know!


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