Writing a blog post on mobile…

For today’s post, I’m not only typing on my phone but I’m also doing so without the help of Grammarly. Hooray! Brace yourself for typos! I’m currently on my way to my parents and the train ride, as always, has had complications, giving me enough time to write a post… On my phone… Ugh. Here’s my experience with the WordPress App!

I truly hate typing on my phone. There are a plethora of reasons for that: For starters, my hands are probably too big to utilise these small buttons on the screen. Hence, I often end up hitting the wrong button until I get into the groove… And getting into the groove with this can get quite hard. The other issue is that I have a new phone and I have yet to get used to typing on it. It’s huge! So, using the horizontal keyboard (?) doesn’t work too well but the vertical one doesn’t feel right either. Frankly, I try to avoid all messages on my phone and try to answer later – once I’m at my PC where I can use WhatsApp Web, Discord’s Desktop-Version, WordPress’ Browser Version, etc.


Another reason is that I have turned off the auto-correction but it still underlines words. If I then tap on a word by accident or when I try to mark it, it shows me options that may fit in… But being the bilingular lich that I am… And having a lot of English-speaking friends… I practically get a lot of options and none are what I need. Take the title here, for instance: “Writing” turns into “Wirtin”, the German word for a hostess (as in the tavern or a restaurant). That’s kinda annoying. “Correction” turns into “connection” and due to the similarities between the “r” and the “n”, it could actually get through without me noticing… Especially since my eye sight is getting worse and worse.

Another thing I noticed with the WordPress App btw is that I can’t hit Enter within a block. Enter creates a new paragraph. I can’t create a list of sorts with different bullet points. I only just found out that I need to use a “list” block that I either haven’t seen yet in the Desktop version or that doesn’t exist over there. I mean, usually I just end up hitting Shift & Enter before listing a bunch of points with those horizontal lines ( ” – ” ) and stuff and it works really well actually. Other blocks become a pain as well the more input they require.

Here’s “media and text”. Worked well! No idea how to change the size but hey… Whatever.

As you can see above, I managed to pull off adding a picture and text but I’m not sure if I could add a table potentially… At least, I can’t see it… But I’m sure the process of filling everything in is super annoying on mobile.

Either way, the App is great to reply to comments, read posts or to check your stats. It also works well if you’re posting “Story” content… But that’s about it really. I like the app but I don’t wanna write a post on here ever again… Hope you enjoyed this one!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

5 thoughts on “Writing a blog post on mobile…

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    1. I use Grammarly on PC but I don’t have it on my phone. The base features are more than enough really in my opinion and they are free! So… for free you can get help with typos, commas and synonyms. Stilistic stuff gets pointed out but for details you’ll need to pay money. :)


      1. Don’t you mean styles? I could use it for that yes, synonyms too so I’m not using the same words but other than that I don’t know.

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        1. Typos!
          Stylistic stilistic stuff stoff whatever. Let’s blame my phone.
          Uh, stuff like wordiness and passive voice! 😛
          The free version is really great in my opinion, is what I’m trying to say.

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