Just another Stray Sheep, I guess?

Today’s been a weird day where I didn’t really feel the drive all that much to do things. I have this review here that I want to write but I couldn’t even begin the draft and overall, it was just one of those “go back to bed” days where I felt regret for getting up the first time. It’s not even as if anyone has issued that feeling really. I’m not sad or depressed. I’m not anxious or sick. I’m just not feeling it today, so I wanted to write about that a little bit and talk about some things that have been keeping me busy as of late.

Before I begin, however, I wanted to mention that an amazing streamer named LiterallyTony is currently doing a 26-hour charity stream over on Twitch. He’s an amazing guy who’s raising money right now for SickKids! I’d love it if you could join the stream, leave it up or even donate some money to his campaign… but you don’t have to obviously, just figured I should use this little platform I have here to support a seriously great guy.

I still need to write a 250-300 word paper about “a personal experience which continues to hold a prominent place in your memory”. For reference, that first paragraph was 110 words long, so three more of those would be enough for that assignment. Either way, I’m struggling with coming up with something to write about right now. I know that it’s not that hard really and I know that the writing aspect itself won’t be an issue for me. Rather, I don’t know about what experience to write about, even if it’s not graded or just a diagnostic help that is there to highlight the main errors that I do make. It’s not going to be hard to write it up, it’s just that ideas are tricky to come up with. I initially figured that I’d write about how I met my better half three years ago but she figured that there will be way too many people writing about this same topic… and I also cringed slightly at the idea of writing out how it happened that she met her worse half. So, I think I’ll just write about how I got into blogging… Speaking of which…

I mentioned it before but I used to follow this blog called “petesbackwelcome” written by “derLoarp”. It was a blog on WordPress full of reviews on Anime, Games and these mech-figurines or whatever and it just fascinated me when I was 14 or 15 years old that someone was out there and putting out that effort. Every day, I’d refresh the page, hoping for new posts and when there was one, I was amazed at their writing style and their thoughts on games like Risk of Rain (Review) and The Unfinished Swan (Steam). Eventually, I got into blogging myself and well, here I am. Duh.

Either way, today’s been a bit of a weird day and in the end, blogging is what gets me going again. I still managed to be somewhat productive. Praise the coffee! I got some university stuff done, managed to stream for a bit and I cooked some nice dinner… It’s been a good day overall but man, that initial feeling of “can I just go back to bed?” was just weird and didn’t want to leave me alone.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I plan on releasing a few more reviews in the next few days but it highly depends on how fast I progress through my studies. So look forward to that!


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3 thoughts on “Just another Stray Sheep, I guess?

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  1. I’m surprised that you only have that feeling sometimes. There are so many days that just start with, “Do I really need to get out of bed?”

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    1. I mean, yesterday’s been more of a “I feel this way but it’s not a depressed episode” kinda thing? So, I get these episodes really often actually and yesterday I didn’t have that luckily… but I still felt garbage. But writing about it helps!

      What do you do when you get that feeling?

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      1. This is going to sound unnecessarily macho, but really I get up and go to work. The thing is I still need to pay rent. What ends up suffering is generally the chores around the house. :)

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