I’ve been enjoying League of Legends lately.

Lately, I’ve been playing some League of Legends from time to time and I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with it. I’ve been trying out new champions and item builds and experimentation is quite lovely this season, especially for the champions that I enjoy playing. The biggest surprise I had so far was: I’m relatively good at Jungling. I say that that’s surprising because it’s an incredibly hard role to play on top of it being really ungrateful… but in that regard, it’s essentially like Support but not as frustrating. As a Support, you have to deal with an annoying ADC that can ruin your fun by going AFK so that you don’t generate gold. If you take a kill, you get flamed. If you don’t secure, you get flamed. It’s always your fault. If you don’t get flamed now, you’ll get flamed next fight. The Support role is a masochist’s wet dream – and yet, I love that role. I really enjoy enchanters, healers, mages and tanks and the amount of variety you get from game to game. On top of that, queue times are incredibly short, and lately, I’ve been playing a bit of Bard again who’s the epitome of “fun”.

But yeah, Jungle can be incredibly frustrating but I’ve really been enjoying it. Be it as a tanky Cho’Gath or more of a damage-oriented Nocturne, Xin Zhao or Shyvana, jungling is pretty cool. You get to farm without the pressure of people poking you and you can help out everyone across the map. I’d argue that the biggest issue of the League player base is that they main a role and don’t play anything else. They complain about the Jungler being bad because they never play the role themselves. Same with Supports, Mid/Top laners, and ADCs. If people would play certain roles themselves, they’d probably know more about the game, too. But since I know a fair deal (by no means everything but still a lot) of things, I can make an impact across the map. Be it as Support or as the Jungler. I can set up objectives and ganks and I can bring my team ahead. I’m really enjoying that aspect of it. Furthermore, Shyvana and Karthus are incredibly fun to play in the jungle.

In Support, on the other hand, I’ve been playing a fair few mages with different builds. Vel’Koz and Xerath are alright with the new First Strike. I think Lux is probably the best mage with it (aside from Karthus, I guess?). The best results I had with Vel’Koz were a game where I had about 1.2k extra damage from said rune as well as 1k extra gold, which is huge for the support role. Still, I’m not quite sure if other runes are better potentially, like Arcane Comet, Summon Aery, Electrocute, or even Dark Harvest. I’d think that Comet is still the way to go but First Strike seems like it’s a lot of fun. Enchanters are also a lot of fun, of course, but frankly, I’ve had too many Full-AD teams lately, so playing a mage or something with magical damage felt like the best course of action in most of those games.

This upcoming season is going to be somewhat interesting thanks to the new items and rune-changes… The Hextech Drake is a nice addition to the game. Meanwhile, the Chemtech Drake is a bullshit mechanic that just feels as if it’s anti-fun. The revive-mechanic is stupid and the whole steal zone concept is ridiculous, especially considering how many champions already have stealth in their kits and considering that you can only place 1 or 2 control wards. I don’t like the Chemtech Drake at all. It’s a bullshit concept. The new items sound pretty good, although I doubt that I’ll build the new Crown of the Shattered Queen on anyone, really, unless of course there are 3+ assassins on the enemy team. As far as tank items go, I’ve been experimenting with Evenshroud on Bard and it’s interesting. It works with your Q but it’s obviously not optimal. Still, kind of fun! Senna is another champion I want to try out soon although I doubt that she’ll be all that viable now that Glacial Augment has been changed. I mean, Grasp was always my prefered rune on her anyway and some of the more bruiser-oriented items are pretty great on her like Black Cleaver, for example. So, while I don’t hate the idea of tank Senna, I’d like to play a more damage-oriented build with Eclipse into Umbral into Collector, potentially. I’d argue that that could be quite strong!

Anyway, I’ll have to try out some things but for now, that’s it really for the post today. I’ve just been having a good time with this game lately and while it can be annoying at times, it’s just at times so that should be fine. I’ve been a bit busier lately so this post has been quite late because of that. In fact, I need to schedule it back for the streak but hey, it’s over soon! Hooray. Let’s do a little sprint until the end, shall we?


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