My Twitch Recap 2021! (Improvised)

It’s the end of the year! 2021’s days are numbered and while it did pass really fast, I still can’t believe that it was 2021 already. It still feels as if we’re in a slump named 2020. What did help get through that, however, was Twitch! Hence, I wanted to talk about my most-watched channels and the people that inspired me on that platform. Now, the issue with that is that #TwitchRecap wasn’t sent to everyone. Apparently, you needed to sign up for their marketing e-mails or something… which I did… but I still didn’t get my TwitchRecap this year for me as a viewer. I did get one that shows that I’ve streamed 990 hours in total and that people like my emotes but that’s really it. I wanna see what the numbers are on my top watched channels and categories and how many messages I sent. Thus, this post is quite improvised. It’s less optimal than the real deal. My Recap most likely looks like this post but more compact – but it wouldn’t have this much heart in it, or would it? 

So, this year’s been quite special. I did end up streaming more than previously, I joined two stream teams (Mistakes and Infinite Quality), worked on a lot of Art Streams and tried myself out at different games, made improvements, and I think I did a good job over 2021. It’s been a short year overall and I had a great deal of fun throughout our charity campaigns and different collaborations and fun times with other streamers. It was nice to raid new faces. It was great to meet new people… and even as a viewer, it was amazing to spend a lot of time with some incredibly wonderful people whose voices in my background made blogging and studying a lot more fun, hence this post is dedicated to those people!

FederalGhosts would probably be my most-watched channel. I’ve spent way too much time in that channel… In fact, I spent so much time in Fed’s streams that I always hear his voice saying “chanuel” instead of “channel” when I read the word “channel” or even the brand “Chanel”. It’s incredible. Fed is a great streamer who has a loving community and an adorable little dog. He’s the leader of Mistakes but tries to run the team as a team and not as a “the others and Fed” type of show, which is very fun and different. Overall, Fed’s content could be described as different with a lot of interesting gimmicks, interactions, commands, insiders and overall a lot of evolving content that gets better whenever you stop by. Lately, Fed’s been a lot into Indie stuff as well as more Retro-oriented games. As a challenge, he’s doing a randomised Nutzlock of FireRed called “Ironmon” and it’s EXTREME but Fed’s knowledge of the game and his fun commentary paired with his lovely voice makes it all the better. Hence, I can highly recommend checking him out some time!

Vicksy is primarily a League of Legends and Dead By Daylight streamer but as of this year, she’s been branching out a lot into other games, including A LOT of Celeste. Vicksy is not only very fun and has a lovely community but her streams are very entertaining due to the lots and lots of game knowledge she has. She’s made a bunch of guides for Mid Lane in League of Legends before and she’s a Master-tier player there as well as a Fog Whisperer in Dead By Daylight, so… she really knows her stuff. Lately, she’s also been playing a lot of Celeste Farewell and she’s been trying to get some really challenging “golden strawberries”… and it’s just a general ride whenever I get to see her play Celeste. I get astonished when I see her make some tricky jump that I failed at and I also get frustrated when she fails at some spot. Her community is absolutely adorable, too, so it’s either the most wholesome shit ever or just one of the most entertaining fun times in the world. Pair that with community games where she plays League or DBD with us, and… Well, yeah, you get to learn a lot from her on top of being entertained. Definitely a great streamer to check out!

XilentFlex is a variety streamer with a focus on Positivity, Mindfulness and Mental Health. I’ve known John for ages now and I’ve mentioned him on the blog a bunch of times but both he and Fed are huge inspirations for me because of the chill conversations you can strike with him and the amazing Just Chatting streams where you’re just able to vibe and hang out together. Flex also plays games on Twitch, although he often takes at least an hour or two to get into the starting screen of said games, and while I don’t necessarily care for the games that he does play, it’s still a lot of fun to watch him. It’s just a fun time, partially because of his loving and safe community but also because of John’s personality that always enables every single member of his community to ask for help, get advice on things, or just distract themselves from the whole mood that 2021 was. Flex is great really and he’s a big inspiration of mine, even if I could never go full-time like him. Still, when I see him do such a great job at entertaining people, I want to also put more effort into my streams.

Joecrastination is a streamer that I know through Flex and someone else actually and even if Joe aka TheGlassCanon isn’t able to always stream, it’s always a chill and cosy time when he’s around. Joe is an American variety streamer who is really into the lore of games. Among his favourite titles, there are games like Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. I’ve seen him talk and talk a lot over the years about the backstory of some of these games and stuff and it’s just amazing to see someone as passionate as him having so much fun with streaming. And yes, even though he may have streamed not as much this year, I’d argue that I caught probably around 90% of his streams… For sure! I mean, I love his vibes and the way that I can just listen to his voice for ages. It’s a lot of fun to hang out in his chat and to chat with him. There aren’t many streams that I can watch from start to finish but his are among them. They’re really great after all!

Snuudles is a Full-Time Variety Streamer who does a lot of game playthroughs from Final Fantasy to other more Retro-like games. While Snuuds always does play a plethora of interesting games, she’s also a master of conversation and has a lot of interests that she gets into from time to time. Her voice is amazing. I like Joe’s and Fed’s a lot, sure, but Snuudles is on a whole other level. She’s got the cosiest vibes on Twitch and is the best stream to lurk at. Her chat is full of degenerates and other kinds of weebs, so I feel right at home there… and she and her community could most likely be best described as “lewdsome” – a mix of lewd and wholesome. If you feel like watching Retro-Games, Snuudles is probably one of the best people to check out for sure!

And obviously, I watched a lot more people but this year has been a bit weird for everyone, so schedules changed, people took a break, or life just got incredibly busy for everyone. Hence, I didn’t quite get to check out certain people because of my timezone and my awake or free time not going well with their live time, if that makes sense. But I try to make time for those people up there whenever I get a chance to and I want to maybe do a bit of a showcase of streamers I found or streamers I’ve been watching every month in 2022. I feel as if that could be a lot of fun! What do you think? Do you know any of these people or are you not much of a Twitch person actually? What was your Twitch Recap like? If I do end up getting my Twitch Recap, btw, I will for sure write another post for it and compare it to my current list here. Until then…


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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