Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a lovely day with your loved ones or by yourself. I know it’s heavily commercialised, but the idea of Valentine’s Day is pretty cool, in my opinion, so I tend to look away from the prize increase and enjoy the day for what it is. Still, I hope you there are taking care of yourself! It’s also the season of shitty romcoms that climax in this one day with lots and lots and lots of extra corny commercials and all those couples on social media making you feel lonely if you’re not spending the day with someone special. It’s a weird thing really… but I hope you treat yourself to something good and that you spend the day with friends or people close to you. Make sure to love yourself, take some time for yourself, or just appreciate what you have. It’s perfectly valid to love yourself.

Personally, I’ll study for the majority of the day and then in the evening, I and my better half will eat pizza and watch a movie, I guess? Nothing too special. I also made cinnamon rolls (as you can see here on the right). Why? Well,… I gotta try and stick with the not-smoking thing and lately, it’s gotten harder to not pick it up again… so baking was incredibly time-consuming and rewarding. Mostly, I wanted to try and make cinnamon rolls. My flatmate and a friend of mine will get a bunch of them because they’re single. A few will go to my partner as well because she deserves it. Meanwhile, I’ll just take what’s left at the end there.

And I think this might be a good tradition to go for… Just baking on the day before Valentine’s for all my relationship-less friends to bring them some joy during that silly holiday. I don’t give too much of a fuck about the day, to be fair, given that it’s really just a very commercialized holiday of sorts that isn’t really celebrated by most people. You don’t get a day off on the 14th or anything but I can get away with being incredibly corny, so that’s nice. Also, I can stay off social media because people are either oversharing their relationships or they’re oversharing how lonely they are. I may end up playing Path of Exile tomorrow after I’m done studying… and I may play it until my better half is done with work. Could be fun? 

So, to sum it all up: I hope you have a lovely day. Take care of yourself! I made cinnamon rolls. You’re heard! I hope my friends like these rolls. Make sure to hydrate properly! I’ll potentially play PoE for a long time. You’re valid. You’re loved. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it!

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