Good News! Quick Update

So, I was at the doctor’s today for a check-up on my health thing. For the past couple of days, I’ve been resting and in pain but it’s gotten better. I’m not really supposed to but I do sit more often now and it doesn’t hurt or bleed. The doctor said that it healed pretty quickly, meaning that I may be fine in a week or so. There will be another check-up this Thursday where the doctor will also remove the thread used to stitch the wound… and then there may be another check-up afterwards and everything should be fine.

Abscesses are bad though. They hurt a lot, are incredibly uncomfortable and if you don’t treat them immediately, they get really bad really quick. I should have immediately gone to the hospital, getting it checked up over there and then they would have told me where to go with it or if it needed surgery or not. What I did was essentially wait for it to “get better on its own” (which doesn’t happen btw) and when it didn’t, I went to regular doctors that couldn’t treat it because I still thought that it was “just” coccyx pain. The point I’m trying to make is that it would have gotten a lot better had I gone to the hospital immediately.

Of course, that may not be an option for every person out there. Healthcare is this magical system available in Germany but not in many other countries. Hospitals can get expensive if it’s not covered by your insurance and even the check-up at the GP’s place could cost a lot… but if you have the option, do it.

Meanwhile, my neurologist appointment got cancelled for the third time in a row but luckily, I assumed it was going to happen again and made one at a local one. That one isn’t specialized in migraines but since it possibly could be “cluster” anyhow, it might be great either way. I’ll just bring all the results from the internal specialist, the GP, the hospital, the cardiologist, and the radiologist to the neurologist and they’ll figure out what I have and whether it can be treated or not. Hence, the neurologist may figure out soon why I suddenly went blind for an hour a few months ago on top of figuring out what’s causing the headaches that I’ve constantly been having for the past three years. So, this appointment with the local neurologist will happen in two weeks and I’ll basically go there in the early evening after university, so that’s pretty nice.

Either way, thanks to a lot of rest, a surgery well done, and a supportive friend that drove me back home after I was discharged from the hospital, I’m on a good track to recovery, meaning that I may be able to properly sit down at my desk and write reviews again soon – on top of streaming and whatnot soon-ish. Looking forward to it!

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