Recovery, University, Reviews, and Gaming

I haven’t really been playing many games as of late but when I did it was quite great. I wouldn’t have thought that coming back would be this great, especially given that the break I’m on right now hasn’t been too short. Today, I just wanted to talk about Satisfactory and Risk of Rain 2 a little bit, as well as my Health, University, and finally writing reviews again.

So, first up, the abscess surgery wound is healing, albeit slowly. They’ve sewn it together which my GP found rather weird. Lately, it’s been bleeding a lot, though, so I’ll get that checked out tomorrow after university. Hence, I’ll need to see when I’ll be fully well but until then I’m at least able to sit down a little bit to play some games here and there, I guess.

Speaking of which, the new semester is starting tomorrow and I’m both excited and… not excited at the same time. I mean, I’m looking forward to it but this semester will be incredibly busy, so I hope that I still will be able to write daily starting tomorrow. The health issues put a damper on my motivation. I’ve been a bit more anaemic lately, so I gotta stock up on my meds and iron and whatnot and get those blood tests going soon again. Similarly, having university classes in person again is scary because there are so many faces that I don’t know and I frankly get anxious in crowded rooms, especially after the past few semesters of online classes. I mean, it’s nice to potentially get to know people and to be able to listen to classes in person. Crowded rooms, however, don’t sound too nice. I’ll just have to see how it goes, I guess, and I’ll make the best of it in the end. I hope I don’t get exposed to you-know-what, although with triple-jabs, masks, and enough distance, it should be somewhat alright, hopefully!

Moving on, I finally finished another review today. Today’s post is hence quite late but I wanted to get that review out for Mondy. It’s on ANNO: Mutationem, which has been an amazing game overall. I really enjoyed it a great deal, so I’m looking forward to presenting you my first review in a while tomorrow! Afterwards, I’ll need to get to the pile of review requests that were sent to me, as soon as possible, although university and health will naturally take priority.

Similarly, games will also need to step back for a while until I got university stuff figured out. I’ll still play from time to time but I’ll most likely try to treat it as a “reward” for completing my studies in time. I may actually even do some study streams of sorts where we just vibe with good music, chat, and study together or something while live on Twitch? I’m not 100% sure if that’s something that people would actually like to see but I feel like experimenting is important.

When it comes to games though, I’ve lately been playing a lot of Satisfactory and Risk of Rain 2. Yes, I got the “100%” technically in RoR2 but I’m still missing some monster logs as well as environment logs and a few very rare items, so I’ll have to try to get those logs, even if they don’t count as “achievements” per sé, according to Steam. I’ve been playing a lot with a few friends that are newer to the game, resulting in a rather fun time. The only issue is my internet, though, which tends to get quite bad lately, causing all sorts of jankyness at times. Similarly, Satisfactory has also been a lot of fun with the same group of people. They got a dedicated server setup, meaning that anyone can join at any time and we construct factories together, which is quite a lot of fun! I haven’t played this game in ages and I’m glad that I can play with my Steam friends even if I own the game on Epic Games. It’s one of the two games that I bought on the EGS, so… yeah. I forgot how much fun Satisfactory is and apparently, there have been quite a few updates, too, so I’m looking forward to exploring those with my friends. The “Arachnophobia Mode” in that game, however, is still terrifying and may ruin cats for me. Luckily, my friends can deal with those cat-spiders so that I won’t have to. :)

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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