The Headache Saga

So, for the past 3+ years, I’ve been plagued with intense headaches that just don’t go away. “Every day feels the same” as Nine Inch Nails would say – but it honestly,… isn’t that bad. If I’m ever lonely, my headaches are with me, after all. That aside, the headaches get better from time to time but they don’t disappear. At other times, they spike to a solid 6 or 7 on the pain scale – but then again, maybe I’m using that wrong. I just think that an 8, 9, or 10 would probably be even worse… The pain is also something that you can kind of live with but it’s incredibly annoying and I can’t just chug pain killers every time when it hurts, y’know?

Either way, I did plenty of tests and then was looking for a neurologist… and now I did get my brain waves scanned… and I originally had an appointment for the results today but I couldn’t sleep last night, then fell asleep right away before the appointment, and then overslept. Hence, the appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow, so I just hope that I don’t fuck that one up.

But the neurologist told me that they’re just doing this because we haven’t the brain wave scan yet – but he doesn’t think that it is gonna yield any results, so I’ll have to keep my hopes down, I guess?

So, what’s next then?

Well, next up, we’ll most likely look at therapy. It’s either my psyche or my neck/spine that is causing me issues. If a nerve is stuck somewhere or if my posture is at fault or something like that, I’ll be able to exercise and that may get it fixed. If that’s not the case, I’ll need to go to a soul doctor, essentially, and we’ll have some proper therapy over here and talk about all sorts of things that could cause me stress or pain… Who knows? Maybe that’s gonna help. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll just have to continue to have pain every day. Oh well.

Hence, just an update. New review tomorrow, though! Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day.

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