It’s Summer… Yay… I hate it. It’s way too hot! Let me rant about this for a moment. I’ll work on a recap for the Steam Next Fest tomorrow despite having planned to do it today.

I live in a dorm… more specifically, I live on the top floor/directly under the roof. Our roof is flat and we don’t have AC here. What I do have, however, is a balcony with two big balcony doors that you can see through… and they’re facing south, meaning I get sunlight throughout the day… meaning that my flat heats up like CRAZY in summer. It’s ridiculous. Outside, it’s 30°C, which is already quite warm but the combination of a flat roof and south-facing windows makes this room incredibly warm even with the curtains closed. Pair that with my PC that is generating heat as well and well,… a recipe for a sauna but less cool.

Oh, I also have a big fan but I’m not sure if it’s that great to blow hot air using a fan towards me. The feeling of the breeze isn’t necessarily helping. It feels like a hair dryer to me right now…

Right now, I’m suffering. I ended up studying in the basement which was quite uncomfortable but it was certainly cooler than up here. I’ll spend some time reading together with my better half in her room in a few minutes – which is not only fun but also lets me escape from the heat up here.

Frankly, I hate summer because of this. It gets way too hot in my room and when I open the window, the heat from outside comes in as well.

Sorry about the rant.

Anyway, apart from that, I’m doing alright. My back still hurts and I’m struggling to have the motivation of playing more demos or writing about anything. Regarding the back and neck pain, I need to do a bunch of stretches for ten minutes every day now according to the guy at physical therapy, which certainly helps a bit. Apart from that, though, it’s mostly a matter of training my back muscles which is something I neglected this past year. Also, I gotta fix my posture. If you look up the word “bad” in a dictionary, my posture is listed as the definition for it. It’s insane. In regards to the motivational problems, the two-minute rule doesn’t work with this heat. I’ll see if I can maybe open the window later when it cooled down outside… and I may leave the window open during the night. Of course, that means that mosquitos may make their way inside but I’m sure it’s better than sleeping in the heat.

I’ll try to get the post out about the Steam Next Fest recap/Part 2 tomorrow, though. I’ll just have to work on it later once it’s cooler in here.

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6 thoughts on “WHY IS IT SO HOT?!

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  1. There’s no escaping the heat here, either, so I know the pain. I had some trees removed around my yard last year, so I’m missing the shade and the cool they used to provide. But it had to be done as they were getting invasive and way too large for where they were planted. The heat difference is noticeable since then.


    1. There is but you have to grab an appointment due to covid and whatnot to be able to study in their study rooms. On top of that, my laptop’s no longer working, so I can’t really study all that well… and when I tried booking a room, it was already filled to the brim. Oh well. :D Luckily, it’s cooled down a bit. The next few months will probably be worse though.

      Yay, global warming.


      1. argh, same thing happened to me trying to book places. Yep, the climate has been crazy lately. Hope you can figure it out and sorry about your laptop.

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