Lazy Day Ramblings and YouTube

Today, I was lazy.

I procrastinated a lot. I napped a bunch. I died in the heat and got resurrected by the five minutes of rain we had… followed by me slowly dying in the heat again and napping on the floor in front of my fan. Yes, that’s not the best idea but it got me through the day. Either way, I didn’t get much done today. (Yes, this post is late because of that, too^^)

But that’s fine. Stressing over it isn’t make things go away faster, the dishes won’t get washed by stressing over it. I won’t get a post published by stressing over how much I napped today. Hence, I just wanted to talk about that for a little and explain that there’s no post today… essentially… apart from these ramblings here.

In other news, YouTube: I’ve been uploading stuff quite frequently but I wanted to maybe tone it down a little bit in terms of frequency as I gotta work some stuff out. Not only is there RL stuff but I also would love to maybe (just maybe) redo all the thumbnails and titles because… they suck. Uhm, when it comes titling posts, it’s relatively easy: Just write what the post is about! But when it comes to videos, that doesn’t seem to work quite as much, so I borrowed inspiration from people I watch and essentially did the thing where you give a quick description of what the game is like… and then you hold shift while typing it out and stop from time to time to not be obnoxious… But I cringe a lot when I see that. I don’t know. It’s odd, honestly, so I wanna redo that and find something that I like better as a title… be it low effort or low caps, idk. As for the thumbnails, someone pointed out in private that the thumbnails are boring and that they won’t work like this, so I’ll most likely also borrow some inspiration from two YouTubers I like – and I won’t do the same thing as them… but I’ll just see what they do and then I’ll try to find a middle ground between that. Retromation and SplatterCatGaming are both great channels that I’ve been watching for ages now and they play a lot of Indie Games. I also watch other people but I like these two’s styles the most, so if I were to borrow inspiration from someone, it’d be from these two.

And before anyone says anything, when I say “borrow inspiration” or “getting inspired”, I don’t mean just doing what they do and selling it as my own… Rather, I’ll study a few of their thumbnails and titles – and then I’ll see what they do differently from other people I watch and what I could do as well. I love SplatterCat’s titles as they’re low on caps and generally speaking, they just showcase what the game is about… which is what his channel is about… meanwhile Retromation has very unique thumbnails and is very short with his titles, using a lot of caps as well though. I’d probably experiment a little with thumbnails for videos and see what works best for me – but what I do know is that a dark title image is not that great really, so I’d probably use a mask layer that kinda adds a light frame on the outside (just like Retro does). At the same time, I wanted to maybe try and work out ways to incorporate screenshots for the picture depending on what I do and have a unique screen per video that way.

Overall, though, this is all just to try it out and for fun, so I’m not worrying too much about YouTube metas and whatnot. I just wanna upload stuff with my commentary on it, I guess.

Another thing, I was thinking about, though, is the Hardspace: Shipbreaker series… I kinda dislike the commitment to hour-long videos and written posts on the matter. I may start editing them more and just showcase the more interesting bits… maybe I’ll do something fun like a death montage if I die a lot or a cutting montage in a gecko or something. As for the posts, the third video has been out on my channel for a while now but I haven’t written a post yet, so I gotta get to that eventually… real life just takes priority with me having to study a bunch and all of this other stuff like the blog and the videos and streams are “just” a hobby, so if I need time off, I’ll take it. In that regard, if I were to prioritize things, the blog would still be above streaming and videos in terms or priority. So, if I need more time, I won’t spend that time editing stuff together and uploading it to YouTube. At the same time, if I still need more time, I won’t stream or I’ll stream less. If I then still need some time, I’ll schedule some drafts of mine for the next few days until I’ve got more time. I got a bunch of fun little posts hanging about over here from Screenshot-Showcases to that post I wanted to make on my “Game of the Year 2021″… yeah, is it too late for that post?

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