The Steam Summer Sale 2022 Event is great!

The Steam Summer Sale each year has some sort of event going on and most of them hit the mark quite well, providing a little bit of entertainment during the sale (June 23rd until July 7th) while also bringing the community a little bit closer or at least giving more games some discoverability. It’s honestly a pretty great cause. This time around, there are thousands of games on sale and naturally, it’s hard to navigate these masses to find some good gems to try out… which is why I find this year’s event so darn interesting!

With the title “Steam 3000 Summer Sale”, this year’s Summer Sale not only lets you buy past and present games with big discounts… but it also lets you check out games from the future! Thanks to Clorthax, the time-travelling trickster that Valve booked, we get to see a few games “coming soon” from the future!

Honestly, this whole thing is more of a gag but I find it incredibly interesting because of how it’s executed. When visiting the Steam Store Page, there is this section where you can click for “Free Fun”. There, Clorthax will explain the situation and lead you to a bunch of games from the future. He can’t tell you the exact location and names of these games from the future that he stole because of timeline-destroying paradoxes and whatnot… but he can give you a hint. Hence, after getting to one clue, you’ll be able to check out a page of games that are on sale. There you’ll navigate to the “upcoming” section and while you look for these mysterious games from the future, you’ll ultimately come across dozens of other titles that are coming soon. You can wishlist those now as well!

Once you find the game from the future, though, you can click on it and you’ll be awarded a badge for your profile as well as an animated sticker to use in chat profiles. After collecting them all, you’ll also receive a special profile picture that you may use to customize your profile further.

I love how collecting/levelling up the badge(s) and searching for these joke games ultimately brings you closer to a bunch of different titles that you may not have seen otherwise. It’s interesting and fun – and ultimately, a bunch of the joke games actually made me laugh. One of them was developed by someone’s father, even.

As far as the actual sale goes, there are a lot of games on sale from my wishlist and while it’s tempting… I’m not sure if I’ll grab any at the moment. I was tempted to possibly buy either The Pathless and a few other Indies… or Destiny 2’s “Beyond Light” and the “Witch Queen” expansions… But I also don’t wanna spend so much money on that while I’m trying to save up money to possibly go on vacation after my exams are over. So, a bit of a struggle but I don’t necessarily need to buy any games right now. Are you getting anything or is your backlog or something else stopping you?

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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