Should I return to Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 is something I enjoyed a lot in the past but ever since all that bad stuff happened at ActiBlizzard, I ended up joining a boycott of sorts and hence I’m hesitant about getting back into it. Frankly, I had a blast with Diablo 3 in the past and I haven’t quite found anything that scratched the same itch. The other day, I played some Grim Dawn with Blockade – and while it was fun to grind monsters and build some kinda Occultist-Shaman, ultimately, I had more fun chatting to him than I had with playing the game. Don’t get me wrong. Grim Dawn is cool. It was nice, actually, but it’s not quite Diablo 3, which is understandable since they’re both two different games. Grim Dawn has systems in place that are really cool, like wielding two classes at once and benefitting from bonuses on both of them. The aesthetic is eery but not as dark as Path of Exiles‘ aesthetic, which is nice. I haven’t been able to return to PoE, either, btw, because of my internet troubles stopping me from clearing dungeons… Why do I need to be online again when I’m playing solo? Anyhow, Diablo 3 has something going for it that can’t quite be replicated by other games and I’m really itching to play it again.

Ever since Bel started up Diablo 3 again, I’ve been itching to play it, too. I believe that I can probably play it and still hate Blizzard… After playing a bit of Diablo Immortal and being incredibly disappointed, I’ve been meaning to get back into it anyhow. I wanna start up another Multishot-Demonhunter and grind my way to oblivion with that stupid build where you have tons of Sentries shooting Multishots at enemies and whatnot. It was a ton of fun when I last played it – and given that I did buy the game back in 2016 (ish?), it’s not like I’m giving Blizzard any more money through it. In fact, I’m probably costing them more money that way due to server costs and whatnot.

So, I’ve got it downloaded and installed already but I’m not sure if I really should play it. My headspace has been weird, so it’d be great to take my mind off things with a bit of mindless shooting and grinding… at the same time, though, I’m not sure how ethical it would be to stop this boycott. Is it fine for me to enjoy this game when so many others would want to but are not? Is it fine to enjoy a game made by a company that screwed so many people over and treated so many people horribly wrong? These aren’t rhetoric questions btw.

Should I return to Diablo 3?

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