More About Health (and “Suits”)

I’m feeling a lot better already. I might be healthy again tomorrow already… or on Saturday, so I wanted to give an update on that. My cough is still there but a lot less frequent and less heavy. My fever’s away. Long story short, I’m basically recovering well.

On that note, I’ve been watching more Netflix as of late. The anime season hasn’t begun quite yet and I haven’t been able to get too much studying done… but the other day, someone recommended “Suits” to me, so I gave it a watch. So far, I’m three seasons in and it’s pretty great. Some parts are boring and unnecessarily dramatic but it’s entertaining. A lot of the jokes are a bit “eh” and I hate how they treat some people but at the same time, a lot of the cast is likeable… to a degree.

It’s been a fun watch. I may write about it in the future.

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