The Stray Sheep – Inspiration: Content Creation

So, the title of this post is inspired by RimWorld. I really gotta play that again.

But that’s not really what I wanna talk about today. Frankly, this post is about inspiration and brainstorming and stuff…

I’ve been thinking about the Twitch stuff that I’ve been doing and with fewer streams, I gotta make each and every one of them a highlight, don’t I?

I mean, yes, that should always be the case obviously but I’m just sort of inspired to do a little extra if that makes sense.

So, here’s some things I should try and work out… I think?

For starters, my energy levels.

I start out excited (but like… in a comfy way) but then I’ve been lately quite exhausted and I can’t keep up that initial energy level and I get distracted or super immersed in a game, resulting in me going quiet for a while at times… which is bad.

So, I just kinda have to relearn how to stay active and keep talking all the time… and I gotta try and see what energy level I wanna remain at during my streams. I don’t wanna be the sort of content creator that is constantly screaming and constantly energetic as if they’ve chugged three redbulls while eating cereal with redbull in it. But I also don’t want to have a VOD where I’m quiet for a moment and you skip ahead and I’m quiet in that moment as well… and when you skip ahead further – you guessed it – I’m quiet for a moment as well… and that happens… and it’s a bad look? Idk.

Another thing is branding. I talked about it briefly but I wanted to work out more of my lore and my viewers have been helping me with that as of late quite a bit.

“I’m a lich. This is the crypt. Welcome in” is fun and games but some people really want to see more than just that, right? I’m not a fleshtuber… I’m a vtuber, after all, sorta, right? Kinda? Idk?

So, for that, I’ve just started to answer everything with a “yes” and tried to go from there.

Saying “no” at times obviously is important but if you lead with a yes, you can go from there. I once said something along the lines of liking the tentacle weapon in Nova Drift and someone said “oh, you like tentacles, eh?” and I just went “yes, I love tentacles”, further enhancing that statement by going into weird places.

Anyway, you take the input as is and then elaborate and you suddenly have a story. You can then say, “jokes aside…” and give a serious answer if you’ve been facing a serious question… but I just kinda feel like it’s more entertaining to people when I make use of the little improv experience that I have, even if I hate improv personally.

And well, brainstorming. I just wrote down a bunch of ideas… and I really think that a few of them might be possible to do for me… possibly even this weekend?

I’ve been quite busy lately with my studies but this Sunday might be a great day to just relax for a moment and work on a bunch of posts for the week… as well as some features for the stream.

One of those, I was thinking, could be a very badly made acapella version of some song but I’ll change the lyrics up to say “Lich” here and there.

But even so, maybe someone likes it. It certainly will be fun to then add clips to that and just use that as my channel trailer. Heck, I used to sing very badly whenever someone subbed on Twitch… and ever since Twitch Sings is not around anymore, I’ve just not been really doing any of that… so back to the roots, sorta?

And well, then there are some sound commands… and I’ve been meaning to get this animation done of a book flapping open that has some names in it, listen a bunch of cool people and what I’m thankful for or something but I haven’t really made progress with that.

So, uh, I’ve got the inspiration for a bunch of things I wanted to work on and I’m looking forward to working on them on Sunday once I’m freed up a little.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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