Hell yeah, 666 Days of Daily Blogging!

When it comes to milestones… no clue. I’d imagine that every 100 days of daily blogging are a milestone of their own but there’s no fun in that. Rather, I figured I’d write today about a cool milestone I hit yesterday… 666 Days of Daily Blogging.

Alright, so, stats:

I can’t really look into individual stats using WP’s insights for a specific time frame but I can actually post a bunch of highlights from the recent months, I guess?

So, this year, we were very close to the 3k view monthly views mark on multiple occasions. In fact, we were quite close last year in April as well but didn’t really manage to break through that quite yet.

This year though we finally did it back in August where the blog not only crushed 4.1k views… but it also managed to get to 4k which is fan-fucking-tastic. Thanks a lot for that!

Ever since August, we hit 3.8k in September and we’re nearly there at 3k during this month.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog!

Apart from that, it appears that the most popular days for my blog are Mondays with 15% of my views. Arguably, that’s not saying too much actually. If I were to hit 14.16% of my views on every other day, I’d hit 100% after all… I guess WordPress wants you to post daily though which is why it has this metric in place and not a “Least Popular Day” metric. After all, you’d just avoid posting on (idk) Sundays if WP told you to not post on Sundays.

Looking at stats, it appears that Fridays are my least popular days… but at the same time, I had very good Fridays, too… so, stats don’t really apply here as evidence given that I post daily and depending on the topic and how early I write about it, I could get more views out of it.

Still, it might be worth considering putting out reviews on Mondays, even if it’s just 1% more than on other days.

The insights also say that 12:00 AM is my most popular hour… which again… makes sense.

Timezones are a thing and some people have to work graveyard shifts, resulting in them having time to read posts… sometimes I’d also post at midnight which adds to that… Generally, I’ve been having moderate success with the early European mornings (7-8 AM CEST).

And yeah, speaking of timezones, 13.6k of my views come from the US with nearly 1.5k coming from Canada and nearly 0.7k from Latin America. After the US, the UK and Germany are hogging the other top spots followed closely by Australia.

There are a few other surprising countries here in the top 10, including India and the Philippines but there’s nothing here that leads me to think “Oh, I should talk more about this topic or this game”.

Rather, it makes me wonder if I should possibly adjust the times that I post at to be more US-centric possibly or even more EU-centric. If I post in the afternoons in the EU, I’d get morning traffic from the US, after all…

Also, it makes me happy that so many views are still coming from non-English speaking countries, despite my blog being in English. I reckon it helps though that there is a “translate” option in the sidebar.

My most popular posts are as follows:

So, the Bumble BFF review and the Mercenary Ethereal Achievement post have become anchors of sorts for the blog with 3k views each – both of which are getting more and more views daily… and I feel bad about it because the RoR2 post is not relevant for anyone wanting to unlock the achievement since it’s based on a weekly seed but I at least linked to Cabbage’s YT channel, so hopefully they get help there.

The Dinkum stuff getting views is not surprising because it’s Drama and Drama sells well. If someone were to write a post about how unlikable and shitty of a person I am, it would probably also get views. I’d deserve that.

The reviews there, though, getting a bunch of views makes me happy. Also, I really should finish up the reviews I’ve got in the works at the moment… Fire Punch is made by the mangaka behind Chainsaw Man, after all… and he also wrote Goodbye, Eri – which I recently binged and loved. Similarly, Girl by the Sea is written by the person that also wrote Oyasumi Punpun… and I might read that even though I got warned a fair bit by a friend not to.

Anyway, 666 days is pretty neat. I think the next milestone is 700 (pretty boring)…

Thanks for reading my blog. Appreciate it! Didn’t know what to write about, so here’s today’s post. Have a good one!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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