Qatar and the World Cup – Post out tomorrow,… probably!

So,… for a month now, I’ve been looking up articles and other stuff whenever I had a bit of time on Qatar… and the world cup… and human rights violations… and then a week or two ago, I started to write up this post of mine…

But then I thought: Do people actually care? Do people want to read that? Does it matter if I write about that topic? Isn’t the world horrible enough as it is, so why should I add to that by talking about this topic?

And the answer to that is: Doesn’t matter.

I remember getting this incredibly weird comment by someone who (and I quote) “is not from Australia and doesn’t know much about Australian culture and history” who continued to say that they can’t see how Dinkum is about Australia or that doesn’t understand the controversy behind the obvious references to colonialism. I initially wanted to reply to that comment and the allegations that I’m just upset for the sake of being upset or whatever… but it’s not worth it.

Similarly, when I was doubting whether or not I should write this post on Qatar, I remembered this instance. I remembered that people most likely will say stuff about me talking about politics… People will get upset.

Heck, someone I like to watch, recently published their own video essay on the matter and people in the replies just were defend human rights violations while calling that YouTuber an islamophobe and racist for no reason… and it’s bound to happen here, too, if I write about it.

But I’ve got a platform in the form of this blog and I’ve got a general idea of what I wanna write about and what I wanna be vocal about…

This is one of those topics.

We need to be vocal about this and about how FIFA wants to make themselves seem as not-at-all-corrupt and climate neutral and welcoming and diverse. FIFA also said that the working laws have improved a lot thanks to them – which is bullshit considering they took bribes to make it happen and considering that NGOs like Human Rights Watch have been vocal about Qatar and the treatment of people there for so many years… FIFA did nothing and they try to pat their own backs with lies like this.
Especially, considering that those “labour law reforms” that happened were fake. They exist but they’re not executed at all. Minimum wage consists of a dollar per hour minus lodging and food… Often this isn’t paid out for months, though, and the people that are employed have their passports taken away when they enter the country, meaning they can’t exit even if they had enough money to do so.
The other one in regards to better working conditions and the removal of specific laws that treated workers as less than human… yeah, that happened for a few months and then it stopped.

Frankly, fuck Qatar and fuck FIFA and fuck the World Cup. Fuck ’em all.

Boycott the shit out of that.

If you’re gonna watch it, feel bad while doing so.

People died building those stadiums.

Also, the open-air stadiums (built in a desert) have hundreds of ACs running to cool the stadium down. That’s probably great for the climate crisis, innit?

Also, Qatar is a dictatorship where LGBTQIA+ members get persecuted and imprisoned if not worse – not to mention the slavery that Qatar made use of to build everything for this World Cup.

The money used to fund the World Cup is blood money.

Anyway, tomorrow, I’ll release an in-depth post on the matter with my thoughts… and I’ll most likely have to cut it down drastically or else it will be way too long… or I’ll divide it into three different posts entirely. We’ll see!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

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