Fuck Presents

Like, damn… I have such a hard time coming up with ideas for presents. No matter whether they’re for Christmas or Birthdays or whatever… I struggle.

My partner’s birthday is in December, though… so that means, I have to think extra hard about this one.

And I just overthink these because they can’t be too expensive but you also can’t go too cheap, so you need to find some balance… and it needs to be something special that they’ll like… but you also need to find something that is unlike stuff they already own. I mean, jewellery usually works quite well but if they have the same earrings that you just gave them, you’re fucked.

Anyway, my mother said that jewellery always works… but at the same time, I didn’t want to go for another necklace or another pair of earrings since those are essentially gonna replace the previous gifts… and I can’t go for rings because a ring has a certain meaning to attached to it that I’m just not ready for, yet.

And that brings us to clothes but I don’t know her size and it’d be a bummer if it was too tight for her or too loose. Also, I don’t really remember the last time I’ve seen someone get clothes for their bday.

Well, scarves are cool but they’re only really useful in autumn and winter, aren’t they?

And that kinda brings us down this slippery slope of what exactly is a good present anyway? Well, no idea.

I know that a ring is bad and coupons suck… but also coupons are better than cash… and anything self-made is amazing probably unless you don’t have the time or talent to pull it off…

So, naturally, I think a lot about this and as always, the overthinking wasn’t great but I eventually got around to choosing the right gift. Now I just need it to arrive in time. One package I got wasn’t delivered even though it was delivered. Rather, DHL brought it to a post shop but didn’t leave me the letter that I need to be able to grab the package from the post shop. So, I went there with my ID and everything but the letter… and they didn’t hand over the package to me. I’m upset.

Anyway, the shop owner was kind enough to send me a replacement for free… but I gotta pay shipping which is totally fine.

Long story short, I overthink presents and gifts and stuff too much… You could say that thinking about gifts is a “Gift” for me… Because Gift means Poison in German and jokes like these suck. Have a good one.

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