I got my brother into Legends of Runeterra!

So, I really was excited for Legends of Runeterra intially, played it a lot during the Closed Beta, and then I sort of stopped at some point to play other games… Last year, I decided to pick it up again and it now has become one of my go-to games, especially as its port to Mobile works really, really well…

And during my stay here at my parents’ place, I got my brother to download the game as well! So, now we’ve been battling each other daily in there and it’s really cool to see him learn about the game.

I have two brothers. One of them isn’t too interested in card games but the other has dabbled in some Hearthstone and some Runeterra before. He actually followed the same path as me, basically, with him starting in the Closed Beta… and him just not playing it at all until I got him back into it… so that’s nice.

Essentially, he has a basic understanding of the game and I’m excited to teach him the ropes!

When you introduce people into a game that you know a lot about, though, you have to be careful that you’re not scaring them – just like with cats… I guess? Idk. Whenever I wanna pat a wild cat, I don’t approach them but rather, I let them approach me. If I were to come to them too quickly, they’d run away.

I digress.

I know a lot about the game and I like it a lot, so naturally, I’m passionate about it. My brother knows the basics… and he plays the game in German which is an issue… but if I just dump a lot of words and decks onto him, he’ll quit the game before I know it.

Thus, it’s important that I take it slow and show him different aspects as time goes on.

Day 1:

I showed him my two favourite standard decks: Tempo Landmarks and Porortals. When we played a bit more, I also played Maotilus and some meme decks against him, mostly for fun.

When he got to see a variety of decks that can be quite a lot of fun, I sent him some of my deck odes and told him to just import them to see what cards he can work with. I also told him about Path of Champions, the Single-Player mode.

Then, once he imported the decks, I simply helped him customize some of the decks by removing expensive cards for cards he owned. Suddenly, he had functioning decks!

At this point, he did have a Kalista-Hecarim deck but it just didn’t work out really for him… so I played against him with a deck that basically does what he wanted to do and I managed to beat him. So I sent him my version of it.

Day 2:

I showed him the URF-Mode in the game… Ultra-Rapid-Draw… it’s inspired by URF in League, hence I call it URF… but URD would technically be correct even though it sounds shit.

Basically, you get random cards that are heavily discounted and you try to figure out what to do to win with these.

This was merely there to show him cool cards that exist in the game that he may wanna play around with. He didn’t seem too thrilled about seeing my unkillable Jarvan but I let him know that recalling or silencing him would fix it without any issues, lol.

Anyhow, I then showed him my Viego-Eve deck as well as my Teemo Deck…mostly because Viego Eve can be fun in terms of hte power fantasy whereas Teemo is just chaotic evil.

I also did play some Black Flame deck against him just to emotionally prepare him for what he may face off against… and he liked it… but he didn’t put a ring on it (yet!) – at some point, he did indeed take a liking to Porortals which was worrying as he was playing it non-stop while I was meme-ing around. Oh well, as long as he has fun with it. :)

Day 3:

My brother joined the dark side.

He likes Viego and is playing a Viego-Nasus variant as well as a Viego-Thresh variant that runs Shurima… I think the sole reason for Shurima in there is because of Rite of Negation… but little does he know that Ionia has better denies.

Anyway, I’ve been showing him different alternate winconditions, such as the Bandle Tree today. I just wanted to showcase my Dark Portals deck (Veigar Norra)… but when I saw Viego again, I cringed so hard that I ended up going for a full-mulligan into the Bandle Tree.

Point is: I succeeed into showing him the Bandle Tree Win Con but I also explained to him the reason why it’s a meme card.

Anyway, I also started to explain to him why I dislike Noxus and why Viego makes me feel like I’m playing against Aggro even though I’m not. I also killed him a few times with my timebomb printer deck, hehe.

And tomorrow will be Day 5 where I may show him the wonderful world of deckbuilding and what customizing your deck is about.

He knows the basics already at this point… I just want him to be able to balance out decks or realise weaknesses early. I’d imagine that he could have a lot of fun with LoR in the near future once he figures out why his original Kalista-Hecarim deck sucked. (Hint: Too many high-cost cards.)

Anyway, it’s been fun to ramble on about this. LoR is a ton of fun and I love playing it these days on my phone. Especially against my brother. It’s been sort of like a bonding experience, haha.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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