The Stray Sheep – Volunteering to help old friends, Goobers, and other stuff

Note: I sort of forgot to publish this post. I thought I did hit publish but now it’s the following day and I just realised the streak notification didn’t get updated, so uh… scheduled it back! A little cheating is okay, probably.

So, I have nothing to write about today… or rather, I’ve been incredibly busy lately with exam preparations – and since I’m a goober, I didn’t cut back on streaming. I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot and tried to still stream after studying and stuff… so I think it’s fine?

Btw, I checked what “goober” actually means and apparently it’s a slang word for an unsophisticated person, often from a rural area… but I thought it just means a “dumb person” and that it’s a slang word for peanuts…

Either way, I never called others that word. I tend to refer to myself as one since I do dumb things at times. I probably should still stop using that word. Maybe I’ll call myself a peanut from now on in those instances.

In other news, our university’s Drama group (that I used to be a part of) has been performing yesterday and today and I helped out with selling drinks and providing assistance wherever needed. Yesterday, I came home super late due to the afterparty for the premiere… and I had a blast!

It was honestly really nice to see so many old friends again after two years of Covid… But I also felt iffy to see so many new people that I just don’t know at all, having to introduce myself here and there has been odd, and I tried out a few things here and there that was kinda fun, like the ol’ “It all started in ’99” thing. It was hilarious at first but then I just cut the act and told them who I was, I guess. Uh,… still, had fun. Managed to get some laughs from a few newbies, told stories from past plays, and hung out with plenty of people.

I went home around 3am, very much drank my fill, so it took around an hour to walk through the snow to my dorm when it usually would take 15-ish minutes to walk up the hill. Honestly, the ice and snow were the biggest problems. I also encountered a strange bird. I didn’t see it but it made human screech-like noises that were… terrifying. Around 4am, I went to bed and given that I woke up at noon, I didn’t mess up my sleep schedule too much, I guess.

Overall, these days, life’s been good but when things are going well, you reflect on things and it’s been weird how past trauma and stuff have been catching up a little. Maybe I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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