The Stray Sheep – Smokefree for one week

It’s been a while since I last tried to quit smoking but today marks one week or so of not smoking.

Or rather, I hit that mark at some point in the last few days. I’m not good with dates.

Withdrawal symptoms are rough and I feel incredibly sleepy for most of the day… It may not be sleepiness necessarily but rather listlessness. It’s hard to keep doing stuff with me trying to quit.

It’s not even that I miss the rituals necessarily. I got this steam-thingy where you insert nicotine-free liquids into and that then essentially creates steam that I can blow out. It kinda helps with keeping me busy and filling out the day but it’s not quite the same, weirdly enough.

Gums don’t prove to be all that useful either. Nicotine gums taste horrible (which is weird as you’d expect smokes to be nastier than mint-flavoured gums with nicotine in them…) and regular gums don’t do it for me.

Licorice is really nice. I got this hard candy here that I suck on quite often.

It’s been only a week but it’s been an incredibly rough week that I just found rather hard to deal with, honestly. I hope the rough phase stops soon… Apparently, the first three weeks are the hardest, so uh, wish me luck. Quitting after five years of smoking is incredibly rough but my wallet and my health will thank me if I manage to do it.

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