760 Days of Daily Blogging – and then I stopped.

So, this past few days, I couldn’t find the drive to publish any post, at all.

I’d sit down and… yeah, nah.

At first, I didn’t blog for a day and figured it’d be fine. “I can just write two posts the next day.”

But then I didn’t have the time for that either, and as time went on, it’s been a bit more than a week now without any posts. Frankly, losing the streak killed all motivation for me and made it incredibly hard to start again.

Frankly, I don’t know if I can start blogging again… unless I try to restore the streak…?

The streak isn’t important. It doesn’t mean anything. Anyone that wants to tell you so is lying.

There is no prize attached to the daily blogging streak and it doesn’t bring you success or fame or anything like it. Literally, it’s just a number.

I blogged for 760 days in a row and then I didn’t have the time anymore.

The last few days, I had seven exams, five of which were written and two of which were oral.

Essentially, the university had me at my nutsack. It was a tight grasp.

So, naturally, I prioritized that… and now, I have more time but I can’t find it in me to write a post.

Well, technically, at least, since I’ve been writing posts, just not publishing. I mean, I’m writing this right now, too, but what I’m trying to get at is that I can’t write really. There is nothing that motivates me to do so but I don’t want to quit and long story short, I’ll probably end up working on posts and scheduling them back to the days without posts. Then, when I have new posts out in real time, I’ll have a streak again that I can just pursue further.

There is no meaning to this at all… and luckily, the daily blogging streak ended with a round number, so if anyone ever gets upset at me for continuing the streak as if I never lost it: Just subtract 760 from the number. It literally doesn’t matter and there are many other things to get upset about that are actually relevant…

…like JKR’s antisemitic game!

Yay! Segway!

I’ve been meaning to write these posts on what exactly’s up with JKR, Hogwarts Legacy, and Allyship. I wanted to explain my stance on it. I wanted to point at games that are just better than HL… and I wanted to also talk about Hypocrisy and this Moral Highground that I can’t keep up.

I have a ton of drafts lying about, a lot of them are nearly done… but I just didn’t have the time for the finishing touches and hence, I’m not sure if it’s relevant anymore.

The game still is getting hate and a lot of people don’t know shit about why.

But I originally planned for these posts to go live before the release and now, we’re here, a few days after.

The other thing was about “ironic bad advice” and the Microphone-debate on Streamer Twitter – which again isn’t relevant at all anymore. Doesn’t matter.

There are also two reviews in the draft, one for PERISH and one for Power Chord, but I literally have not had the spoons or time yet to do so…

Oh, and in other news, I’ve quite smoking for three weeks now. It’s surreal.

So, that’s an update on everything. I will resume the streak in one way or another if I find the time and motivation to do so… and if I don’t, I’ll end up quitting blogging, I guess. Not sure. It’s literally just a headspace issue and I’m not sure why but the streak gave me the motivation to keep it up.

And since it’s meaningless apart from giving me motivation, there’s no harm in keeping the N-760-Day-Streak, right? Literally the same thing as starting again from the beginning.

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3 thoughts on “760 Days of Daily Blogging – and then I stopped.

Add yours

  1. Seriously… take a break. Don’t post until you’re both in the mood and have something you want to say. If you can’t say yes to both, don’t bother. There’s no more to it than that. You’re right that the “streak” doesn’t matter but not because it doesn’t pay cash or make you famous, neither of which matter either in the context of a leisure activitiy or a hobby, which is all blogging is. The streak doesn’t matter because the only person who even knows it exists is you and any power it has is power you gave it. Don’t feed the power.
    More importantly, no-one would expect someone to write a blog every day while also studying for and taking exams. On the contrary, most people would expect them not to. I don’t even blog on the days when I work, most of the time. DOn’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on what does matter, which is neither streaks nor blogging.
    The key thing to remember about blogs is that they don’t go anywhere. You can take as many breaks as you like, drop in and out of blogging, stop and start again over and over. Your readers will be happy to see whatever you have the time and inclination to post, whether it’s every day or twice a year. There’s no need for dramatic resignation statements. Maybe you will never blog again. So what? That’ll be your choice and hopefully it’ll be because you’ve found other, more enjoyable ways to pass the time. Most likely, though, you’ll come back to it when you’re ready. When you do, your readers will still be here and if they’re not, you’ll find new ones.
    Take all the time you need.


  2. Heya, Bhag

    Honestly, yeah, I was being too dramatic about it and it almost felt like there’s this expectation of me to “fail” – but uh, I guess I was just *this close* to realising it.
    I was hung up about “cheating” to keep up the stream and to possibly get called out about it but thanks to you, I realise that it’s really just me being melodramatic and that I’m feeding into that whole “needing the streak for motivation” thing, idk.

    Honestly, blogging gives me a voice and when I stop doing it, I feel like I lose said voice.

    As for the stuff you mentioned at the beginning, I do have things I wanna say and that I wanna write about and I am, in fact, in the mood for it. It’s just hard to hit publish because suddenly my inner critic speaks up and I edit the same post again and again and it’s just rough. At least the streak kept me from overthinking it, haha.

    But like, thanks for the comment. Seriously. Really made me realise that I’m being overly dramatic and just an idiot, overall… maybe a bit of pettiness is in there as well and stuff. Idk


  3. Honestly, that’s quite an achievement! You should be proud! I’d make a little badge and put it on my sidebar!

    That being said… don’t sweat breaking the streak. I can understand mourning the loss of the streak… however, blog because you love to do it or because it brings something positive to your life. If you’re stressing about it, it’s healthy to take a break.

    I used to force myself to write every weekday for several years – and while I was proud of holding up that streak, I discovered that my blog didn’t fall apart when I wasn’t hitting that streak, either. Eventually, I became more casual about blogging only when I had something that inspired me, or if I had something on my mind/heart to talk about. I think my blog is still here mostly /because/ I left the streak mentality behind.

    There’s nothing wrong in taking a step back. You’ve done your streak and you know what that feels like. Maybe making a change is for the best – but only you know that. I hope you do keep blogging, though. Us bloggers need to stick together! <3

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