What was I gonna do? Ah, right… Blogging.

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

My last post was published on March 26th. I talked about Devil May Cry 3, a game I didn’t actually beat because I really didn’t enjoy nor like the final boss… and I talked about a bunch of other things in there in an informal-review-rambling-thingy-style format, so if you wanna read that, here you go.

Anyhow, I haven’t written anything ever since because… time… is a bitch.

Time is a construct. I know. Time can’t be a bitch… but it is.

Look, there’s only so many hours in the day and a lot of them are spent sleeping. And when I don’t sleep, I either have university to attend to, studying and preparation to do as well as other obligations such as…

  • finding a new apartment,
  • getting new glasses,
  • getting my hair cut,
  • chores,
  • and other things…

All of which are things I’m gonna talk about today! Huzzah! Let’s make up for the whole month of posts… or rather lack thereof.

Ah shit, where am I gonna live?

So, for the past half year, me and a friend have been looking for an apartment to move into. Frankly, it’s been difficult to find the right fit, mostly because back then, people were looking for other people moving in at the beginning of this year and not… May.

There are many people moving here or moving into new apartments or out of their dorms. There are a lot of students here. There are many people looking for apartments.

Frankly, it’s rough. You go talk to someone, check out the apartment, would love to move in immediately, and then BAM— Suddenly, the offer is gone. No apartment for you.

These past few weeks have been stressful. My future flatmate is actually looking into other communes/shared flats as we speak (or maybe not “as we speak” given that it’s 6 am right now over here… and 5 am for him… but you get what I mean) and thus, I kinda feel pressured to find the right fit for the both of us.

When he mentioned to me that he’s been looking for people that need a new person in their shared flat, I was honestly a bit hurt. I totally got where he’s coming from and I don’t hold it against him… but while I’m stressing over finding an apartment for the both of us, he’s looking for a rescue boat.

It’s not that drastic. It’s again, totally valid, especially since I can live in the dorm until late August whereas he needs a place to live at by the end of May… Still, I’ve got mixed feelings.

That being said, I’ve found a few good ones that sorta strike the compromise of “somewhat close to where the bars are”, “has enough space and is not too pricey” and “is close to university, sorta”… and now I just gotta wait and see what apartment-owner will accept me.

At one point, I thought that my chances of getting an apartment were lowered because of my Muslim last name and my non-German first name… but nah, that can’t be it, right?

I mean, where we would be if we always assumed racism when things didn’t go our way, right?

So, clearly, the real estate market is just not in great shape at the moment and not having unlimited money per month means that finding the right fit is difficult.

Anyhow, wish me luck!

Where did I leave my glasses again? I can’t see them anywhere.

So, I’m super short-sighted. I’m sitting at -4 on both eyes because I grew a lot when I was younger and my eyes didn’t grow a lot even though they were supposed to… at least that’s what the doc said back then. Ages ago. Also, “they might get better or not. They might stay bad… or they might get worse. You’ll see.”

He probably also thought “or you won’t see” but if he didn’t… that’s a missed opportunity. I would not have seen that coming. Well, I would have, to be honest, since my eyesight was better but if he had said it now, I wouldn’t have… it’s 6 am.

So, apart from occasionally going blind completely, I also have eyesight that is very bad.

You know the “-4” I mentioned earlier… yeah… that’s not up-to-date. I’m having trouble seeing stuff even with my glasses on. Unless I hold my hand directly in front of my face, I can’t see it clearly without glasses. Previously, I was able to see it well about 10-20cm from my face. Now, it’s a solid 5cm at best.

So, naturally, I went to the glasses place (The optician? The optometrist?) and wanted to do another test to figure out how bad my eyes got in the past few years… Effectively, my eyes only really got much, much, much worse in the *past few* months or at least I couldn’t tell before that.

Anyhow, at the optician’s (I’ll stick to that word since it sounds fancy!), they tested my right eye with the intention of testing the left eye later… but they couldn’t measure it correctly without knowing the curvature or something. Basically, my eyes got “70% worse” and they’re sitting at -7 at least… but they can’t determine the exact numbers because they don’t know the other metrics.

So, new plan: I’ll go to the eye doctor (The ophthalmologist? The eye specialist? The oculist?).

The ophthalmologist! I’ll try sticking to this word because it sounds uber-fancy, at least until someone corrects me. Also, in writing, nobody knows that I don’t know how to pronounce that word… ophtha-mologist? How the fuck do I get the L to work in there?

Yeah, I’ll need to see the ophthalmologist (clearly typed out. I didn’t copy-paste that. Nuh-uh! Never! Source: Trust me) to determine the exact numbers. Once I have those, I can get new glasses within a week or two and my health insurance may cover more of the bill which would be great because these lenses might be so thicc that I could possibly need a new frame as well… and a new frame costs money.

So, naturally, I immediately started calling ophthalmologists who not only sound much simpler in German (“Augenarzt”, literally “eye doctor”) but who also are everywhere. There are so many. And all of them have a functioning mailbox. It’s great. You can talk to it all day… unless of course, they just don’t let you send a message after the tone.

It’s so weird because if you call them during their opening hours, the mailbox tells you to call them during the opening hours.

Anyhow, it took me an hour of calling nearly 17 places to find one that not only accepts calls… but also has an appointment ready in April.

There was one that is close by that would have had an appointment ready by July… but I’d much rather ride the bus for 40 minutes, next week on Tuesday at 8 AM, btw… than to wait until July to then take the bus for 15 minutes. The math checks out. I’ve got an appointment at 9 AM next Tuesday. Huzzah.

Anyway, the prospect of my eyes sitting at (at least) -7 is not great… Especially because my eyes started at -2 at one point after my growth spurt… after being perfect when I was a kid. Damn.

Oh, no,… a hairicane.

So, I’ve lead my hair grow out and now I feel like my hair is actually letting the human grow out.

I don’t think I have any control over what is happening up there anymore. It’s just so wild… if I comb the forest long enough, I may find some undiscovered human civilisation up there living in seclusion to the outer world whose technological level is much more advanced than ours.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve even gotten a request to let James Cameron film Avatar 3 in there. It’s crazy. They don’t pay much though. They offered exposure but my blog’s too famous for that.

Luckily for me, my blog’s not famous at all and even if it was, it wouldn’t be for my jokes. Look, it’s 6 am. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t have coffee yet because I was weirdly motivated to write a blog post and now I’m writing weird jokes down into a post that I’m most likely not gonna edit. Life’s crazy like that.

So, my hair is rough and I originally wanted to cut it back in March. But then my partner and I went to Salzburg. Btw, I didn’t mention that anywhere yet, have I? I’ve been to Salzburg in Austria! It was a good vacation. My first in five years. Anyhow, my partner likes my long fluffy hair, so I let it stick around for a while longer… but now it’s the end of April nearly and the hair is starting to bother me again.

The other day, I thought it was too long. It takes me half an hour for my hair to dry after a shower… and that wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so wintery and cold right now. It’s April. What the fuck? It’s almost as if the climate is changing. Who could have predicted that?

So, that’s bad. But I also hate how I can never get it to look like what I want it to look like. Does that make sense? Styling it has never been my forte but I’ve been meaning to make an effort and I just can’t at this length.

If I comb it all down, I can cover most of my face with my hair. Just imagine that hairy dude from Star Wars. I could cosplay as that guy!

And then yesterday, I looked in the mirror and it looked really fucking good. I love it. But it has to go. It’s a shame because it’s been more than half a year and it grew so much… and now it just looks great but I can’t hear well at my PC because the hair is too thick on my ears and my headphones always slip. At the same time, wearing earbuds becomes a pain outside because of my hair being in the way. Bed Hair looks like a hurricane… a hairicane.

Yup, there’s the heading! That was foreshadowing.

So, I’ll try to get it cut today after university. It’s gonna be important for me to do this because frankly… I wanna look good when I visit my parents this weekend. I’ll have very short hair, too, which will make styling it very easy and drying it even easier. I won’t have to do anything.

Maybe I’ll even go as far as having the barber shave it off… Nah, probably not. But I did once have it at 3mm everywhere because of the barber accidentally cutting too much to the point where they couldn’t fix it. So, that was the solution and it honestly was super cool and looked actually well. I hated it at first, though. It made me look too different from what I usually look like.

I’ll probably settle for 3mm on the sides and something a bit longer on the top. Uh, sidecut? I think that’s what it’s called. When I google “sidecut”, pictures come up of haircuts that I don’t want… So, no idea what I mean but I’m sure the barber will know. Hopefully.


I’m honestly fine in terms of chores. I do a little every day and it works great. Dishes? Not a problem. Laundry? Bigger problem but I’m managing.

The biggest issue with laundry that I have is that I need 2€ for it and they only accept 50 cents, 1€ and 2€ coins… if they accepted 20 cents and 10 cents, I could wash laundry all day, every day, theoretically. BUT as it stands, I have to go to the grocery store from time to time and essentially get them to accept my 20 bucks and give me 10 2€ coins in return. It works most of the time.

Other things!

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff, lately. Opinions, culture wars, politics, toxicity, gaming, reviews, etc. and I’ve been meaning to write posts about all of these things.

There are a few interviews that I’ve transcribed but never published. There are interviews that still need transcribing. There are reviews that I wanted to publish but never did because I need to edit them. There are reviews that need writing.

There is also this whole post on my own ideology and values as well as where I stand on different topics that come up from time to time. I thought it might be cool to talk about how my opinions changed from time to time.

There is also a whole post on my trauma and basically all the things that still haunt me to this day but hey, don’t wanna be a downer on everyone’s feed, right? Or rather… despite not having written a post in a whole month, my blog still is hitting certain numbers and I’m kinda scared to put a raw post about getting beaten and wanting to kill myself out there to that many people. Like, what the fuck?

Obviously, not all of them are gonna read it but still… do I want that?

And then there’s politics, for instance. I was thinking about talking about the REDACTED and REDACTED and the issues of REDACTED and REDACTED in the context of REDACTED. It would be super cool to do research on REDACTED, for instance, and explain why I personally don’t think that you can just solve REDACTED like that.

– but you know, time is a bitch.

I don’t really have all the time in the world at the moment and I wanna write about so many things and then I wanna draw header images for all of them and I think it would be super cool to do wide and very detailed high-effort painting in Krita for a complex topic such as REDACTED instead of using cat pictures to cheer people up after having them read through such negative subjects.

But then once I get to planning it all, I just sort of lose track of what I wanted to do first and what I still have to do and then I just never get to do it.

It’s difficult to find time to do the things that one is passionate about. I still do stream here and there because it gives me joy whenever I do it, but I also cancelled plenty of streams because I just haven’t had had the spoons necessary to be entertaining or anything. I’ve had a few stream days where I was just tired and didn’t want to stream and ended up cancelling because of that… or rather, just going to bed and hoping I get some shut-eye to survive the next day.

It’s difficult to find time but I try to make time for the things that motivate me to get through more rough days. A few classes last week ended early or got cancelled resulting in me finally playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on stream and I had a blast. Maybe that will end up being a post soon.

Until then, though, I will need to write about Humble Choice as well and it’s gonna be a huge pain the bum to find time to do so before then. This week is busy and I just don’t know when I’ll have the time.

Time. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time.

What I’m trying to say is that time management has been difficult and I’m glad that the chores are going well in my day-to-day but I just wish I had a bit more time in the day to write posts more often. Like this one. I’ll nap in a moment, probably, and then get ready for university. Afterwards, I may stream in the afternoon (GMT+2/CEST) if anyone wants to stop by. Looking forward to that.

And I’ll write more posts soon again, hopefully, once I get some more breathing room.

Hope you enjoyed these ramblings. Love, magi.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well. If you find this post on a website other than Indiecator.org, please write an e-mail to me. Thank you!

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