I need to introduce myself, eh?

Hey there!
I’m Dan and I’m a student from Germany. I enjoy writing, and video games, so I thought it’d be cool to combine these into a new hobby: Blogging.

I first started blogging a while back in 2018 when I was studying for a-levels and when a friend of mine said that I should open a blog since I enjoy recommending stuff to people. Also, my steam library is huge due to all the free game giveaways and humble bundles, so it’d be an opportunity to work through those games that I’ve never even touched and to tell people my opinion about them. So, I ended up on Blogger and had a blog with only about 92 views (which I was quite proud of tbh!) and just now I decided to swap to WordPress since Gutenberg seems like the better thing.

Back in the day (I shouldn’t say that when I’m only 20) I used to follow this blog called “Petesback” run by “DerLoarp” and basically checked it out every day just to see if there was a new review on stuff. It was cool how he just gave his opinion on things without anyone asking him to do so and how great his writing was! So, I guess that’s another reason that I decided to do this. It’s cool.

It’s cool to be able to shout out into the world that something’s crap and something else is really good.


me, if I’d be shouting stuff like into the world

As for me, I’m currently studying math and philosophy with the aim to become a teacher for grammar school. My classmates tended to hate those subjects when we had bad teachers and they liked them when they had good teachers, so I thought that I should give it a try so that my future students have a teacher that makes their school days more fun. Especially math. Yeah, math isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.
Other than that I’m into all kinds of music, I also am in the editory staff of a uni-literature-magazine here and I enjoy playing video games, mostly indie games, though. And since I’m a punny guy I thought that “Indiecator” would be great name for my blog here. My favourite games are Risk of Rain, The Flame In The Flood, Stardew Valley and Moonlighter but there’s also many other great game that I’m going to post about on here, so stay tuned for those.

As for what this blog is about… Well, I’d love to be one of the many guides that you can use to get an insight on games before you purchase or play them. I’d love to give people my personal opinion on stuff even though they didn’t ask me to. I’d love to create something here that people enjoy reading. This blog is mostly going to be about Indie Games but also other stuff. I may be reviewing books or shows in the future if I feel like it. I may go for the niche games, the rather well-known games or the mainstream-ish indie games that you may have heard of but never cared for. I may review anything that I feel like reviewing and I’m hyped about doing so since it’ll probably be quite a lot of fun.

So, I hope that this helps you understand who the guy behind the blog here is and what this all is about. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or the like, just hit me on here and I’ll make sure to get in touch with you!

8 thoughts on “I need to introduce myself, eh?

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I’m a big indie game fan, but there are just soooo many now days. So, I’m really looking forward to hearing your take on them! I’m big into reading game reviews before picking something up – since there’s so many of them, I like to know what something’s about and if it’ll be a good fit for me.

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  2. I’m always interested in reviews and insights into titles that I may not be familiar with, so I look forward to reading further reviews of indie titles. It’s also sensible to have a flexible remit so you can cover as wider variety of topics. Good luck with your writing endeavours.

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