6-Year-WordPress-Anniversary and 560-Day Blogging Streak

So, I just got a notification that I registered on WordPress.com 6 years ago and honestly… I don’t even remember it all that well. I remember wanting to create a blog because I was always anticipating a new review or post by derLoarp when I found his blog back in 2013… and I wanted to also write reviews but I wasn’t too sure about whether I wanted to do it on WordPress or Blogger. In the end, I created an account on WordPress but didn’t do anything with it as I was writing reviews on Blogspot/Blogger… about two years later in 2018. Those reviews (Risk of Rain, Domina, and The Flame In The Flood) wouldn’t stick around for too long as someone was able to dox me somehow, even though no information with my real name was on the blog at all… and then the DSGVO (“Datenschutzgrundverordnung”) rolled over Germany and I couldn’t be arsed to make sure that Google doesn’t collect people’s data or something… So, I took the blog down and essentially didn’t bother for quite a while. I still remember how some of my friends from back then were super impressed that I was writing “proper reviews” – and one of those friends from back then is still friends with me to this day, which I’m glad about.

Anyhow, one year later, I created Indiecator. I believe my first post should be three years old in a few days (Yup,… July 15th!) and uh,… now that I think about it, I could have taken this post and the 3-year-blog-o-versary post and fused them into one… Oh well…

Regardless, I don’t really have much to say about being on WordPress for six years. It’s cool, I guess? On another note, I hit the 560-Day-Streak today and it feels good to have a long streak like that. It doesn’t feel “good” or “bad” or anything in particular, but I take a bit of pride in the streak! It’s something that I’ve been keeping up for quite a while. I mean, 560 Days are 1.534 years… So we just got past the one and a half years of daily blogging mark. Hooray! Let’s keep it up for a bit longer, shall we?

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you like what you see here and want to see more, you can check me out on Twitch and YouTube as well.

4 thoughts on “6-Year-WordPress-Anniversary and 560-Day Blogging Streak

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  1. Congrats on both achievements, that is really impressive!! :000 i know i used to blog way more frequently when i started but now i come and go so hearing that you have a streak like this, mindblown

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    1. Oh, thank you! Yeah, I try to keep it up, although motivation has been somewhat rough lately. I’m also saving up all of my brainpower and review prompts for Blaugust. :) Maybe pushing my limits then will help with motivation!

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