The Stray Sheep #0 – Blaugust Prep Week

Took this picture in Sleeping Dogs. A cool and quite underrated game! It’s like GTA.. but in China, I guess!

Well, hello there!

It’s prep week and I still have to set up quite a few posts for #Blaugust2019. The challenge is posting every day and right now I’ve got a few posts going.
As for content, I’m going with a few different types of content.

There will be a lot of reviews on indie titles. One of them will be on Moonlighter’s DLC “Between Dimensions” where I’m mainly covering what’s new in the game. It adds quite a lot of new content with new weapons, enemies, bosses, customers, features, pets, a new weapon category and, most importantly, a new dungeon! So, stay tuned for that one.

Apart from reviews there will be a format called “The Stray Sheep” where I talk about all kinds of stuff. Some of those posts will have discussions, some posts will have my thoughts on different matters. It’s a stray sheep in the herd of blog posts on this channel. 100 points to the user who also knows what game The Stray Sheep is from! No cheating!

Another new “column” will be “Late to the Party” where I talk about games that everyone already knows…but I haven’t played those games, yet. It’s more of a “I’m telling you my thoughts on things” than a review. I’m planning on playing stuff like the Bioshock games, the Witcher series, the Batman games, Amnesia, etc. – Games that I own and that everyone knows but I haven’t touched yet. Strap on for those!

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope this little overview was to your liking.
If you’d like to participate in Blaugust yourself as well, then look at this post by belghast aka aggrounaut! There’s all the information on the discord, how to enter and what it’s about + some additional lore! If you just want to know who’s participating apart from me, then look at this post here where it’s all nicely put together after a little bit of scrolling!

Anyways, cheers!

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