The Stray Sheep #1 – Blaugust Schedule and ideas!

For today, I thought I will be putting in a few of my ideas and maybe give a small insight on some drafts that I’ve got planned for Blaugust.

The schedule of Blaugust consist of these six weeks, although only the middle-four are required for daily posting. This week’s the Prep Week, so I’m still preparing for those upcoming posts. So far, I’ve got three reviews and an article planned out (or rather scheduled) but depending on my morale and my speed, I may be able to put out another extra review per week! For the end of August, I’m planning on releasing an article on the Gamescom since it’s my first time that I’m going to go there and it’s the first time that there’s going to be Indie Devs there. And since I’m already hyped for it, I’m going to work at a faster pace, just to make sure that there’s no content missing on the days where I’m working on that article.

I already mentioned it in The Stray Sheep #0, but I’ll be publishing a series called “Late to the Party” where I’m playing older games and giving my thoughts on those. You can expect at least four posts of those. In between posts, I’ll try to put in a few extra reviews but since that’ll be stressful, I’ll probably fill it up with Discussions on different topics and stuff that just came to my mind. Since that has no actual category, I guess it’ll be a few stray sheep on the blog again.

As for the schedule itself, Prep Week is when you start mingling with others on the discord server and where you get extra advice on anything you may need advice on. It’s to make the start easier. The Topic Brainstorming Week will be about the participants that are struggling with new post-ideas! Whenever you’re out of ideas, mentors will help you out! The Getting2KnowU-week is to introduce ourselves (but I guess I already have introduced myself, eh?) and tell our readers and the other participants more about ourselves! There might be a few ideas there for blog posts for me :) The Dev Appreciation Week is about just that: Developer Appreciation, duh. I have a few posts in mind here with certain devs whose works I really enjoyed but I won’t spoil anything here. The next is the Staying Motivated Week where we – again – do just that: Staying Motivated – again, duh. And the last event will be the “What I learned” Week where we describe our experience and where we’re able to run an extra mile for the sake of finishing the whole thing up.

I’m probably going to post as much as I possible in these next few weeks just to increase my work speed since especially my reviews take a while to work on. My goal is to post for all 31 days of August and to have at least one post every week that fits to the theme. Depending on how much content I can prepare in Advance, I’ll be trying to also post in the What-I-Learned-Week but I can’t guarantee that since I already published the Moonlighter-review earlier just for the sake of sharing it and I don’t know how much work I can put into longer posts before it actually starts!.

If any of you are interested in this “marathon” then feel free to check out this post!

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Anyways, cheers!

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.

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