The Stray Sheep #2 – Back to the Roots!

The Stray Sheep is basically a little series of posts about anything and everything! Here I comment on all sorts of topics and whatever crosses my mind. So, when I don’t know what category to put a post in, I’ll put it here since it’s the stray sheep on my blog. I guess that makes sense.
Anyways, now to the actual post.

Today I talked with some people about Minecraft and about how it’s the go-back-to-after-six-months-game for everyone who’s getting bored of the game he’s playing right now. I mean…it’s true. Now and then I feel like playing Minecraft again. Once you’re at it, you get nostalgic and then you drop it a bit later and don’t touch it for another six months until you kind of feel like it again. Minecraft is one of those back-to-the-roots-games, as I’d like to call them.
But there’s more of them and I thought I’d share some of these games with you guys.

Even bears have their favorite sauces.

For instance, there’s Stardew Valley. It reminds me of games like Harvest Moon where you could just do whatever you wanted and you always had something to do. In Stardew Valley it’s the same. At the beginning you’re presented with your farm, your duties as a farmer and NPCs.. but over time you’ll get to forage, fish, adventure, craft, help and do all kinds of other stuff. Right now I’m re-organizing my farm and trying to polish it so that it looks better. I’d like to have my animals in that corner and an optimized field in the other one with paths and lamps in between and even though you don’t need fences all that much, I’d still like to fence everything in. My house is already upgraded and just in case some of my friends feel like playing Stardew Valley again, I’m planning to build the multiplayer-houses just to show them around my farm and to adventure together. I think that’d be cool.
However, once you get to big plans like that, you realise how many materials you need and how much work it is to put them all down. After that, you finally managed the first half of the farm and realise that you misplaced one thing and have to take everything down and get started with it again for another hour or so. It’s just frustrating, so you, of course, drop the game for now and come back to it in a few months…

Fishing in warframe is kinda fun.

Another game like that is Warframe. It’s cool to grind and fly and roll over the world and kill enemies using cool ninja-weapons and that kind of stuff. It’s cool and you’ve got so much to do. You’ve wave modes, bounties, all kinds of missions. They added in new open-world-areas with huge world-bosses and escort-missions that you can go for. There’s also fishing, mining, scanning, new animals as companions and tons of stuff to grind for. On top of that, they added a new season pass and quite a few main-story-lines, as well as missions where you have to fly in space or fight people while watching a point or hacking a system and escaping before people see you.
However, with all the new changes it takes me quite a while to get used to the new features. It’s overwhelming and I feel insecure. There are all kinds of things to do and I’m not understanding most of them since there’s little to no explanation for people like me who’ve been playing the game for quite some time. I feel like a veteran with PPSD: Post-Patch-Stress-Disorder. It takes me way too long to get used to the new features and once I got to that point of understanding, I’m already at the point where I’d like to drop the game for a few months.

That’s the point where I go back to games like Banished. It’s a great game where you get to build a civilization and have farms, mines and all kinds of other buildings. It’s fun to create different districts for your city and take care of the needs of your citizens. Once your little settlement reaches a certain point of growth, you’re going to run into problems though. There are not enough tools, people are getting cold, some are starving, your animals are getting sick, you don’t have enough materials to finish up your building-projects. One of your smiths died of starvation, you need to reassign jobs but after that people are dying like a flock and you’re not even able to carry your materials from one place to the other since you’re low on labourers. At last, you lose the game and set aside this game for another while.

There are games you can always turn back to after a while. They all may make you drop them for a while, but you always get back to them and there they are, awaiting you. Are there games like that for you as well? :)

Anyways, cheers.

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.

8 thoughts on “The Stray Sheep #2 – Back to the Roots!

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  1. Hm. That is an interesting definition for those kind of games. For me they are more like “comfort food”. You know, when you are just horribly tired, upset or depressed because of something and yet you want to play something. In my case they tend to be Skyrim, Fallout 4 and The Sims 3.

    I also don’t feel it is that hard to change things in a farm in Stardew Valley… For the most part. Buildings we can move them around nowadays instead of having to rebuild from scratch (Thank you ConcernedApe for that!) Only fruit trees I feel are still a pain to deal with if you decide to change things around.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, yeah. Redoing the fences can be a bit annoying. I guess I don’t use fences as much as you do though, mostly to keep the animals from wandering all over the place. So it isn’t that big of an issue for me.

        I forgot to mention before though, but one game where making a mistake does drive me mad is in The Sims 3. Noticing a problem on the first floor when you are building the second can drive me crazy. Actually I’d be happy to just be able to make a house that looks like it was made by a human being and not some alien pretending to be one.


  2. Funny you mention Minecraft – I overheard my husband as my 10 year old why all of his friends were playing it again. His theory was becuase Pewdiepie was playing it, my theory was because its the 10 year anniversary. The actual answer? He just shrugged and said because they felt like it 😂

    Mine is still World of Warcraft. I definitely don’t achieve anything though, I just go on a bit of a nostalgia trip and totally neglect new content. Needless to say, I am pretty hyped for classic at the end of the month!

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    1. You just sometimes feel like it :D That’s it :) Never really got into WoW tbh but I understand the need for the nostalgia trip. Sometimes I go back to Fable again for the sake of that nostalgic feel:)


  3. Great list! Minecraft and Stardew are certainly games I tend to return to. I find myself needing to scratch an itch with games like Civ, Sims and city builders (as a genre) as well. Sometimes you just get in the mood for something very specific.

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