The Stray Sheep #9 – work in progress

In today’s stray sheep I’m talking about my collection of drafts – or rather Work in Progress reviews!

Image taken from the Hopoo Games Devblog, featuring Risk of Rain 2

I once wanted to write something like an article about the (at that point of time) “upcoming” sequel to Risk of Rain. I followed it from the anouncement to the release and eventually when I was ready to actually type out that article on Risk of Rain 2, my notes got wet because of me ignoring the risk of rain and getting soaked by the downpour. Ironic, isn’t it?

As for more recent posts, there’s an upcoming review on Ori and the Blind Forest! It’s a great game with some flaws to it, but I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect game, right? The thing is that I’m struggling with writing it. The game has so much content that I feel like I haven’t covered enough yet, so I start playing again although I was already typing and then I end up not typing at all because I’m playing the game for too long.

There’s also a review coming up on The Red Strings Club but I’m forgetting to take notes since it’s such a great game and I also forgot to take screenshots (or rather whenever I remembered, it just didn’t work! Good job, Steam!). So, that review is also on hold.

Also I really wanted to cover the Moonlighter DLC but I just didn’t have the time to play it, especially since I’ve also recently gotten into Warframe again, which is quite time consuming. Another post that I had planned was an article on the GamesCom but I may end up not going since it’s already quite near and I still don’t have a ticket and also recently got sick, which isn’t good when you’re going to a convention. So, I may end up not going at all, which would suck quite a lot.

Another few reviews that I had planned were about NeuroVoider (a top-down rogue-like-shooter), Yoku’s Island Express (a pinball-esque Metroidvania title) and some other games but I still have those on hold since I just didn’t really get into the mood to write about them.

So look forward to those! These are great games! If I don’t come up with new reviews, I’ll write about those. There’s also another post planned where I’m late to a party but that one still has time, I guess.

Anyways, cheers!

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.

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