The Stray Sheep #14 – Hopoo Games

This year’s Blaugust (and my first to participate in) is steadily progressing, leaving us at a 20-day-streak (including this post) – that leaves us still at the Silver Award but in five more days I should qualify for the Gold Award if I truly am able to keep up the daily posts. Of course, my ultimate goal is improving my writing and getting to know all these awesome people in this lovely community, but getting the Rainbow Diamond Award would really be awesome! Because of Rainbows! & Diamonds! UwU!

But today’s post isn’t about me but about a Dev Studio I really like. It’s about Hopoo Games!

Risk of Rain 1

Their first game was Risk of Rain. Their earliest build for RoR1 was November 24th 2012 even though the game was released on Steam on November 8th 2013. Originally Hopoo Games was a two-student-team at the University of Washington, consisting of Duncon Drummond and Paul Morse, that developed Risk of Rain via Game Maker. Later, Chris Christodoulou joined the project giving it its awesome soundtrack!
Risk of Rain combined a very spacey soundtrack with a lovely artstyle, great combat, unique classes and the best part of every Rogue-like-game: OPness through Items! I put in way too many hours into RoR1 and was hyped for the Sequel ever since it was announced.


Deadbolt, their second game, was another great hit among the Hopoo-fanbase. The team still consisted of Drummond (art+programming), Morse (business development+PR) and Christodoulou (Soundtrack) for this game but also had another new addition: Jordan Fehr, responsible for Deadbolt’s sound design. The three musketeers were actually four after all, just like the guys at Hopoo Games – while working on Deadbolt, that is.

This title is another one of my favourite games as it isn’t only quite challenging and hard but also has these stealth-slashing-strategy-vibes that the recently reviewed Party Hard also possesses. Chris also did another awesome job with this very jazzy soundtrack that suits your journey as the grim reaper on your mission to reap some undead souls! Expect a review to come out on this title! As I frankly am lovin’ it!

Risk of Rain 2

With Risk of Rain 2, Hopoo not only released another awesome game (you can see that I’m a Hopoo-fanboy!) but also were able to work together with a major studio like Gearbox! RoR2 came out on March 28th of 2019 in Early Access on Steam and basically packs the same punch as it’s predecessor with another whole dimension on top of it! Now in 3D you can battle against all kinds of enemies, bosses and time it self, as the game, still, increases the difficulty.

I love how they managed to not only stick to Risk of Rain 1’s core mechanics and keep its fun combat mechanics, but also improved the whole Multiplayer-Issues that were there in the first game, while also changing classes and adding new ones to the game without accidentally having the game lose its flair. Also Christodoulou, again, managed to create an overwhelming soundtrack, though I’m hoping that there’s even more to come, as the game is still in its Early Access stages and there probably is a lot more to be anticipated!

Overall, I’m a huge fan of this studio!

Now and then, I replay their games for many hours and I even listen to Chris Christodoulou’s music on my way to uni quite often! I love their general approaches, their art style and the way that they try to work with the community in their newest game, RoR2. It’s a lot of fun to see a small Indie Game Studio like theirs pop up on Twitch and YouTube on major gaming channels and it’s even more enjoyable for me to see that they don’t seem to be stopping here. I really appreciate Hopoo Games’ works and am looking forward to all of their future releases! <3

Anyways, cheers!

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